July 17, 2013

Cricut Expression, Gypsy, Cricut Markers and Gel Pens!

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I was recently gifted with a Disney 'Pooh Font' Cricut Cartridge.  The images are of Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet as infants.  I decided to create the images, using Cricut Markers and Gel Pens to add detail.  This post shows the steps used to create images using the markers and pens.
The cartridge was linked to the Cricut Gypsy.  All the layers of each image were placed together on a 12x12 design mat.  The images were enlarged until all the space was used.
The blade holder was removed and a Cricut Marker was installed in the machine.  The images were drawn on card stock.  There are suggested speed, pressure, and depth numbers to be used with the Cricut Markers,  but I used the numbers that were suggested for the card stock.
After the images were drawn, I put a piece of scrap paper under the marker.  The marker was removed and the blade holder was installed.  The piece of scrap paper prevented stray marks on the paper.
To use the markers and pens with the Expression and Gypsy, it is very important the mat does not unload until all the images are drawn and cut.  After the drawing is complete, choose 'RETURN TO DESIGN'.  This will take the screen back to the 'cut' screen.  Change out the marker for the blade.  Then press the 'cut' image again.
If all steps have been completed, the blade will return to beginning of the images.  Press the 'cut' blade and the images will be cut!
Follow the same steps for the Cricut Gel Pens.  These pens have a holder.  The pens are magnetized and slip inside the holder.  The holder is inserted into the housing.
 These images were drawn with the Gel Pens.  Notice that I have cut all the layers from the same color card stock.  

To create the colored layers, I return to the original Gypsy screen and remove the larger images.  I leave the images that need to be cut from colored paper. The colored paper is put on the mat to match the screen.   I manipulate the images for ease in cutting out the small pieces.**Important Tip**...Don't save this screen unless you rename it!!  If this screen is saved without renaming, it will erase the full screen of all the layers.
This photo shows Pooh before the layers are adhered together.  Using all the layers gives depth to the image.
The image on the left was created using the Cricut Gel Pens.  The image on the right was created using the Cricut Markers.
Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger!

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Karon said...

These look so cool! TFS

Boopster said...

Wow! What great ideas. I will DEFinitely be picking your brain offline. Got some of those markers "eeyores" ago and have never used them (hope they are not dried out) because I had NO CLUE! I'll bet they would work with all SORTS of carts!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wow what a difference it makes to use the markers! I used mine or lettersbefore and that turned out wonderful but never thought of using them for little characters and critters... AWESOME IDEA. Thanks for sharing today.

Charlotte C said...

I love using them for characters. Saves cutting those little facial features. Mine are from Cri-Kits, and I posted here how I created a shadow with the markers. Love your little Pooh characters.

Ladybug said...

Cute and very ingenious using a combo of the markers and layers. TFS! :-)

Lisa said...

WOW how cute those look using the markers. I love Pooh and Friends, they are so cute.

Sandy Hentzel said...

This is great and easy to follow, can't wait to try it!