August 16, 2014

Join 5 Year Old Gavin and 11 Year Old Justin At Our Card Party

Join us today at our little card party. My grandsons wanted a card party after their girl cousins had one a few weeks ago, so here we are having a lot of fun. This is a picture heavy post and I hope you take a few minutes and join us in a lot of fun. Be sure to watch the videos as you will see the boys confidence shining through as we go along. I hope you too are blessed to do this with your grand children. Pictured above is little Gavin as he attaches his gems to the butterfly using the Pick-Me-Up tool. Gavin loved any tool I used.

This is Gavin's new little dog that Granny (my mother) gave Gavin. He sat with us while we made cards and had to have a seat at the card party too.

I don't know what the puppy's name is but he became very active on today's third video.

Here is Justin working on the little puppy card, notice he is checking to see if he is doing everything right.

Justin is feeling confident that he is doing everything right.

This is one of the color versions of Gavin's Butter fly card. Please watch the short video below to see how he put his together.

Now wasn't that easy and did you notice how much his confidence has grown since the card he displayed yesterday?


Here is Gavin's little puppy card.

A dinosaur card. The boys loved using the big shot to emboss this card.

An apple card the boys can use for their teacher if they want.

Justin's football card was an easy card and once again they loved using the Big Shot to emboss.

This is just a little extra card that we made using the top off their cookie treat.

Great little watermelon cards... I am using mine when I take a meal to someone's house when they are unable to cook for themselves.

Here is a little Happy Birthday cupcake card that I can't use for the family because the boys will be using theirs!

Here is Justin's Police car. It was funny because he stamped ticket on the inside so he can give to his Mom or Dad if they ever get a ticket. I'm glad he didn't save it for me. Please watch the video below and it will show you how to put this together.

Now wasn't that easy? Justin is getting very good at videos but I think he would like to stop and just talk to you!

And our last card is a Fireman's Badge! I did this one and they both new exactly what it was.... I had to read up on it to know! Boy card party's are really different and I hope you take a few minutes and watch the video  below. I am sure you will enjoy.

How fun was that. The boys had a ball and I really had some special moment with my grandsons that I will always cherish. I hope you enjoyed spending this time with us and that you too plan some time to craft with your children or grandchildren too.

Thank you for joining us today. Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments are very special to us.
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