August 20, 2014

Notecard Box and Cards

I found this project in the Autumn 2014 Issue of CardMaker magazine, pages 44-45.  Noelle McAdams created the box for the magazine.  I created one of the boxes and found that it wasn't large enough for 4 heavy embellished A2 cards and the envelopes.  I adjusted the measurements and added a step to make the box better suited for my cards.

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Here is another example of the A2 box and a second box that is large enough to hold a Cascading Card or Card-in-a-Box with lots of embellishments!

Steps to create the adjusted Notecard Box to hold 4 A2 cards and envelopes
 Photos of each step and more detailed instructions are available with the link at the end of these instructions!

Step one--Cut a 12 inch x 7 1/2 inch piece of heavy card stock.

Step two--With longest edge along the top of a scoring board; score at 2 1/2 inches, 3 5/8 inches, 8 3/8 inches, 9 1/2 inches.  Measurements must be accurate!!  Tip: Make all score marks on the 'wrong' side of paper.  This will help to create a box with the desired side on the outside.

Step three--Rotate the paper 90 degrees; score at 1-inch mark on left side (bottom of box), score at 1/2-inch at the right side (top of box).  The 1/2-inch score is an extra step that I added.

Step four--(extra step) Place a 1/2-inch wide strip of double-sided adhesive along the scored 1/2-inch edge.  Fold over to form a smooth edge.

Step five--Cut along short score lines from bottom edge stopping at 1-inch score line.  Turn paper to the outside and place a piece of double-sided tape on each of the flaps that were formed.

Step six--on the outside of the paper, place a 1/8-inch strip of double-sided adhesive along the scored 7 1/2-inch edge.  This is used to seal the back of the box.

Step seven--fold box, securing the bottom with double-sided adhesive.  Secure the back edge.

Step eight--Decorate the box as desire.

For photos of each step, plus more details, please visit...

Set of 4 A2 cards and matching Notecard Box

Notecard Boxes filled with cards and envelopes!
Notecard Box with 4 cards and envelopes

LARGER BOX MEASUREMENTS!  Made to hold Cascading Cards and Card-in-a-Box

Step one--cut strip at 18-inches x 20-inches
Step two--Score at 4 inches, 5 1/2 inches, 12 1/2 inches, 14 inches
Step three--Score left side (bottom) 1 1/2 inches, Score right side (top) 1/2 inch

For details and photos of each step, please visit...

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Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I love this, just think of all the wonderful gifts you can make using this technique! Love It. Thanks for sharing today.

Karon said...

Fabulous - so wonderful and great for gift giving! TFS

Dianne said...

Great idea, I would like someone to give me a gift set of cards already made up in a beautifuol box.

Dianne Bell -