August 15, 2014

Meet 5 Year Old Gavin And 11 Year Old Brother Justin, Getting Ready For Their Card Party

This is 5 year old Gavin's little doggie card and it is just as cute as can be. The boys were very upset that they couldn't stay for the girl's card party so we got to work and prepared for a little party just for the boys and boy did we have fun!

Be sure to watch Gavin in the following video as he will instruct you how to put this card together using the ATG gun and  Xyron stickers.

Now wasn't that easy and so good for a little boy, don't you think?

This card is made by 11 year old Justin. Doesn't it look great? He used my Big Shot and a Sizzix folder to give the ball the proper effect. He cut the card on the Silhouette Portrait on his own.

Justin stamped the inside is of all the cards with this stamp as he felt is was great motivation for every football player and people in general.

Be sure to watch Justin's video to see how to put this card together.... you will love his remarks.

Now wasn't that awesome. I can't wait to see what Justin will be when he grows up.

Thank you for joining us today, I sure hope you liked our post. Thank you for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments will definitely light up two boys faces!


Dianne said...

Gavin, you are wonderful. May I take one of your classes? :oved your puppy. He was so cute. Good job!!!!

It is so nice you let your grandchildren take part in your card making.

Dianne Bell -

BethAnn M said...

Oh my goodness,Sheila! The boys are both very talented , and so natural on the video, too. I would be a tongue-tied lady if I had to explain how to make a card on camera! Great job by Gavin and Justin. Enjoy your card party. BethAnn M.

Karon said...

Two wonderful videos, well done boys. I loved little Gavin's dog, and Justin's football. Also Justin's comment about "all the men out there too" :-) Have a great day.