January 30, 2010

Positioning Papers On Layout With Ease

You will love this nifty little shortcut!!! This is one of Jen's little tricks of the trade she shared with me that I pass along to you. I use it all the time. All you need is some drywall joint tape. Only $4.79 at Walmart and I can't even imagine how long it will last as Jen gave me 2 -11" strips that I have been using now for 3 months. One is starting to look a little tacky, I think thats only because I used a lot of glitter on this last project.

The joint tape is tacky on one side and perfect for positioning letters or small pieces on your layouts or cards. Just keep a strip cut to the size you would normally use for your projects. I store mine right where Jen put it, on that clear protective sheet on my cricut mat.
All you do is place your letters, cuts or pieces of art where ever you want them and then gently (so you don't move the little pieces) place your strip of joint tape on them. Press so the tape adheres to your work. Above I was preparing to go to a crop so after positioning my letters and placing the tape on it I just placed it on the plastic bag that carried all my cuts. So I was ready to hit the table running.

I would like to say this can be a real life saver. On this same project I cut my letters incorrectly. I had kerned, and positioned them just perfectly on my screen overlapping them just so, but I forgot to weld them together. So my letters were cut wrong and I didn't have another sheet of glitter paper to re-cut. I positioned each letter perfectly so my LO would still look nice. If I hadn't had the tape you would have seen excess glue all over on my page just from attempting to position properly before the glue dried.

With the tape positoned on my letters all I had to do is flip over apply my glue, then turn over and position on my page where I wanted it, and gently lift the tape off using my little spatula to make sure I didn't lift the letters. See, you never knew I had a potential disaster!
The tape is also great when working with children, as they can positon their work where they want it. I am here to attest they are opinionated as to where their work sits on the page, just ask Justin if you don't believe me! Then once again gently add the tape, lift, flip over, apply glue and place on the page. How easy is that? Even a seven year old can work this trick!
Thank You Justin!
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