June 6, 2011

Blingy Baseball Cap

Lori here from ScrappinMyStressAway.  Today I am going to show you how to bling up a baseball cap.  I have 2 boys who play ball right now and we spend a lot of time at games.  I found this denim baseball cap on clearance a while back and thought it would be fun to add some bling to it. 

I normally do not wear hats, and I am not a super-blingy gal.  If you are, you can add more bling than I did to your own cap!!

I started out with a plain cap.  I saw another baseball mom wearing a denim cap with some iron on patches and jewels, but I could not find a patch that I liked.

I made a template of a baseball and punched out holes where the crystals will go.

 I taped my template to my cap.

I grabbed my Jolee's Jewel Hotfix Crystal Tool,  Jolee's red crystals and my iRock clear crystals.  I did not see that the red crystals were not hotfix (meaning there is no glue on the back).  I was super disappointed, but tried to make do....

I decided to use all clear crystals.

I did not really like the baseball in all clear.

I was trying to decide whether to buy the right red crystals or Jewelry glue and the glue won!!  I picked off the clear crystals one at a time and replaced them with a red one.

I have to say this was a pain!!!  I really prefer the hotfix ones!!  The crystals did not stick well to the denim.  The glue came out in blobs and when I tried to wipe the excess off, the crystal would slide.

Thank goodness I had the right blue crystals!!!  My oldest plays for the Titans, so I cut a "T" out of Varsit Letter so the inside was 2 inches tall.  I ran it through my Xyron and stuck it to my cap.

I used my Jolee's Jewels to adhere the blue crystals (Tyler's team color) inside the T frame.

I wore my hat to Tanner's T-Ball game today.  Tyler had a double header right after.  Tanner was so excited that I was wearing a T Ball hat ~ at 5 years old it is all about him :0)

Thank you Sheila for the opportunity to share my project on your blog!!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Lori this cap is WONDERFUL! Love all the bling and what a great way to get everything in the right place. I wouldn't have thought of using my Gypsy that way! Thanks for the heads up and the great tutorial.

Anonymous said...

I need to make one of these! I'm always at my 2 sons games. TFS

Granny said...

This cap is cute - cute - cute. TFS

Audrey Frelx said...

Lori, now there's a cap I'd wear!!! I love how you took it from plain to snazzy!!!

Fern said...

Lori, the cap turned out wonderful and I love your tutorial and story!! Your perseverance paid off!!! Love it!! Hugs!!

Java Jen's Creations said...

What an awesome project! I'm sure this hat made him very happy!! Great job!!

Teach4U said...

Super cute cap! I am sure that you look great wearing it.


Lisa said...

Your cap came out awesome. What a great idea and your son must have been so proud ;)

SherriC. said...

this turned out so cute!!!!