June 9, 2011

A Photo Flip-Flap Album

Hello everyone!! Happy Thursday! Java Jen here from JAVA JEN CREATIONS and I am thrilled once again to be here on She's a Sassy Lady! What an honor to be a part of your team, Sheila! Thank you!!  On to my project!  I get weekly emails from a site called Photojojo and they have all kinds of photography ideas, photography equipment and sometimes even photo display ideas.  The other day I got an email that had the instructions for a DIY Photo Flip-Flap album and I just fell in love with it!! You can see the original post on Photojojo.  I added my own touches and streamlined the instructions to make it a little easier to understand - (hopefully) ! :-)

STEP 1: Take a 9x10 piece of plain cardstock and lay it on your score board so it is 10" across. Score at 1" and every inch all the way across. Do the accordion fold so that your paper looks like this:

STEP 2:  Take 12 - 3x5 pictures or 2x3 pictures like I used. If you use 2x3 pics like I did, just mat them on 3x5 cards and embellish however you want. Here is a pic of some of my matted pics ready to go in my flip-flap album:

STEP 3:  Using a strong adhesive on only one end of each matted pic, attach one vertical row at a time into the accordion spine so that it looks like this:
Here is another view from the end to help you see placement of the pics:

STEP 4:  Continue doing all of the pictures, one row at a time, until it looks like this:
View from another angle:
Here is a view of my partially completed album completely closed:

STEP 6:  Now we're ready to attach our covers! Cut 2 pieces of printed cardstock of your choice to 5.25"x9".  Attach them to the front and back by just putting adhesive on the top and bottom accordion flaps that are showing.  The pic below shows you 2 views of what your album will look like when you attach the covers:

Here is how this album looks when it is standing up: 

This is how it looks when it is completely open with the covers attached:

STEP 7:  Embellishments - For my cover, I used the Nifty Fifties cartridge font with shadow cut at 1.5"H.  The cover images are from Nate's ABC's - the ball on page 55 and the cap on page 65 are both cut at 2.29"H. 

I added some journaling and stitching to my finished matted pictures and called it complete! :-)

My new signature stamp!

And there you have it!  A Photo Flip-Flap album has been created!! I hope my directions weren't too confusing and that you'll be able to create one of these for yourself! This makes a great coffee table book! Thanks for stopping by today!
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