February 2, 2012

The Kids Corner - Making A School Project

Good morning, this is my Granddaughter, Brianna and she is showing her school project that she made using the Cricut. I am so excited that my daughter is encouraging the children to be creative and used the tools at hand. She has the Personal Cricut and it is perfect for so many thing. Brianna was to color and decorate this little mitten for school and put her name on it.
 Brianna started by coloring her mitten.
 She typed her name on the computer and printed it on color stock.
 She paid attention to the detail and colored the trim also.
 She cut her name to the right size using a trimmer.
 She selected the little frogs from the Dress Up Paper Dolls Cart to decorate her mitten and cut the little frogs in various sizes.
 She positioned them on the mitten where she wanted them.
 And then adhered them to the mitten using Zip Dry glue as it bonds very well with crayons and doesn't leave any marks.
 Now it was time to add her name.
 She selected the banner from Stand and Salute and adhered her name to it.
 It turned out cool, didn't it?
 Then all she did was adhere it to her mitten.
 Oops, gotta line it up.
 Straighten it out.

 Oh, look how cute.... Brianna you did a great job.
Let's take another peek of the finished project with a very proud designer!
Thanks for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed Brianna's school project. Thank you for your sweet sweet word of encouragement. I know your comments will be greatly appreciated!
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