February 22, 2012

Tea Cup and Bouquet

Hi everybody, Beth here from thunderbirdlindybydesign.  Today I want to share with you a project I made with TBBM2.  I just got this cart last week and I am in love.  It has so many must have cuts on it.  A milk carton, gable box, and more.  It also has this darling little tea cup and saucer.  I sometimes arrange flowers for entering them in our county fair.  I have also done 2 weddings arranging flowers.  For the entries into the fair, you must use flowers you have grown yourself.  Unfortunately, nothing blooms in Northern Indiana this time of year.  I do miss my garden, so I thought I would try my hand at paper flowers. 

I got the idea for the Lillies from an artist by the name of Susan Tierney Cockburn.  I ran across a video featuring her this past week, but had heard of her books for sometime now.   I have just never gotten around to trying the technique. 

For this project, you will need the following:
TBBM2 tea cup and saucer cut at 10.5"
I also used for the flowers, Flower Shoppe, Chistmas Cheer, and 3 birds.  You wouldn't have to use these carts if you can find similar cuts off of the carts you do have.
Floral Foam small piece
Spanish Moss, small piece
White Cardstock for flowers
Colored cardstock of choice for tea cup
green cardstock for base of lillies
Colored pencils
adhesive, I used both Crafters Pick Ultimate and my hot glue gun.
floral wire for stems
also you could cut the snowflake shape for the lilly base on your cricut, but it was faster for me to use a punch.
Mcgill tools and a soft surface to cup the flowers, I used a silicone mouse pad.

I am not going to show you how I did the lillies, but you can find the instructions by watching her video.  I did use leaves from 3 Birds for the Lilly leaves, and the funky snowflake cut inside the circle for the stamens inside the lillies.  See both pics below.  I also used the snowflake punch for the base of the lilly.  It has a technical term, but I can't remember what it is.



For the peony like flowers, I used Flower Shoppe and cut 4 different sizes of flower.

After you cut these, leave them on the mat.

That is where I colored them at, it's easier. After coloring take a makeup sponge and smudge the color around the flower to mute it.

Pull them off the mat and using the largest Mcgill tool with the ball place the flower on the silicone mouse pad and rotate the tool around the flower to make it cupped.  Her video above shows how she did it.

Cupping the flower

After they are cupped.

Flower assembled

Stem Hot glued on back.

Finished Flower.

After you are all done making your flowers, place floral foam down inside tea cup.  Arrange flowers in cup and put the spanish moss over the foam to hide it.  Decorate cup as desired.

I hope you enjoyed my project today.  I had fun making it.  A Big thanks goes out to Sheila for having me as a guest designer on Shesasassylady.

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