June 9, 2012

Gyspy Made Simple - Challenged By The Sassy Dude To Duplicate This Awesome Shape Card

Well, I sure hope you are having a good day and are ready to tackle a BIG project! Bobby Hardgraves of The Cricut Couple designed an adorable little Scarecrow card and emailed me and said 'it would make a GREAT Gypsy Made Simple project Sheila'! Well I took on the challenge and let me tell you even with all the information that Bobby provided, this is not a simple project. But, don't worry I am sharing my file with you so even if you get lost trying to duplicate you have the actual file to fall back on so you can make a card! I warn you this is a LONG post with lots of videos, 4 to be exact. Trust me this will be the hardest project of the summer! So let's get to work. Grab a large cup of coffee and turn those Gypsy's on on lets get right to work.

Position all your pieces as shown on Bobby's photo.
 I followed Bobby's instructions to the letter as follows:
To start with, you have to cut shapes that are going to be the layers you add on the front of the card. The following are the cuts you will need.

The hat is from Paper Dolls for Everyday. Cut 2 at a height of 8.50 (this is an accessory layer, so you really have to blow it up big). You will need one for the hat (denim paper) and one for the hat ribbon (leather look paper). For the hat ribbon, cut the hat and then use a craft knife or scissors to remove this piece from the overall cut.
The circle is from CTMH AP and cut at a height of 4.00. I used cream colored card stock.
The bandanna is from Old West and cut at a height of 4.30. I used bandanna card stock.
The hay is from Pop Up Neighborhood. This is a circle exclusive cart, so if you don't have it, there is a grassy type piece on Pooh and Friends that would work too. For the P.U.N. cuts, you need two at a height of 3.90 and one at a height of 4.60. These are cut from a golden card stock (dark yellow).
Note the photos are of Bobby's Gypsy also.

After I had that done then it was time to get different parts in the right position. Add a layer with your Gypsy and copy one of all shapes over to the next page. Then you need to contour out the inner cuts on the bandanna and hat. Place them all together and then weld them. Please follow along in this video as it will be easier to understand.
It will look like this when completed:

Bobby did such a good job of explaining this on his Gypsy that I am using his photos.

Now let's start putting all our piece together.... You will see very quickly that there is a lot of prep work. All edges need to be inked, the flower needs to be coloring and cut out, the face made and the straw colored to look like straw. You will see that I am in trouble here and don't know it yet.

This is where I discover I am in trouble and go back to the drawing board.

Fortunately my Gypsy was right there and I was able to make a few adjustments to the base of the card.  See how high that hat sits on his little head. Everything else is perfect but I just didn't like that look. Yes I will still use the card, but I just can't leave this design as is. It is not perfect here and I don't feel like I lived up to the challenge unless it was just right.

In no time at all I had it re-cut and re-prepped. I think I am finally ready to put this card together and I know it is perfect this time and can't wait to share my card with you.

Here area few close-ups of the card. I colored using my copic markers and really enjoyed that. I have to admit making the little face terrified me.... I just copied Bobby's and it worked.

Now isn't he handsome? I just love this little card. I don't think I will give him away though... I worked too hard to let him go! teehee  You know I say that but he will be going to someone I love I am sure.
 This is a close up of his little face. I love the freckles.
Bobby's Card is on the left, mine on the right.
And the card in all it's glory. Now here is the challenge this week... I challenge you to make your own Scarecrow card! I would like you to try to make it on you own but HERE is the file if you need it. (NOTE THE FIRST FILE I DID WAS EMPTY, AFTER UPDATING MY GYPSY THIS FILE WORKS, SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!) I will be giving away this adorable little stamp set to 2 lucky winners chose by Random.org. All you need to do is link your card by Friday 4PM on the 15th and the winner will be announced Saturday morning. I hope we see many many scarecrows.
I hope you enjoyed today's post, I know it was a challenge for me to complete and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you.
Thanks for your sweet sweet words of encouragement and please give a few wonderful words to Bobby too, our very own Sassy Dude from the Cricut Couple. Your comments inspire me to continue sharing with you. Have a blessed week and let's see those scarecrows.
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