June 20, 2012

Use Crafting Stash to Create Blessings for Others!

These cards are made from extra Cricut cuts, negative images of cuts, leftover paper scraps, and a few paper punch images!

Hello, everyone!  Carolyn from Carolyn's Creative Corner!
Actually, if all has gone according to plan, I am in prison today!
Two of my crafting buddies and I are judging scrapbooks in a state prison for women!

I provide greeting cards for a local church.  It is a donation that I make on a regular basis. The A2 size cards are flat and can be mailed with a regular first class stamp.
I will make 35-50 cards at a time.  These cards are a labor of love!
Each one has a scripture verse.  Most have a sentiment or phrase that reflects the scripture.
The cards are as varied as my stash!  They usually reflect the project/s that I am working on at the time.  What a blessing for me to know that I can use my stash in such a meaningful way!
I have lots of paper scraps and colorful pieces just waiting to be used!
I love to use sentiment/word/phrase stamps!  The two black notebooks are full of those types of stamps.  The white notebooks are images.
This is my wall of words/phrases/sentiments!  Some stamps are missing because I have just finished a project that required several of the stamps.  They will be back on the wall in a few days!
I spent nearly a week stamping, sorting, and packaging mulitiples of each stamp.  I have these ready to use on the cards when I make the greeting cards for the church.
This picture shows some of the image stash on the left, a package of A2 cards on the right just waiting to be used, and in the middle is a wonderful 'tool' for creating A2 cards!
I found this package of cardstock at Michaels Craft Store.
The width of the strip is perfect to layer on the front of the A2 card.  I cut the bottom off and have extra for the inside...and enough to layer on another card!
Inside card!

I hope this has been an inspiration for you to use your stash to bless others!
It may not be a church, but there is a place to share your creativity!

Have a wonderful and peaceful day!

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