June 22, 2012

You Need A Card Stash

Good day everyone! Today I want to share a little tidbit and shortcut with you about having a Card Stash. I have had many emails and comment asking what a stash is and I am would like to share mine with you as well as give you a little advise... ALWAYS make two of the card you are making! When ever I make a card for someone I make a duplicate of it and stick it in my stash. Please watch the short video below and you will see what I mean.

See, a Card Stash is just something or someplace that you store all your cards for future use. I like most of you have a very full schedule. I am married, a mother, grandmother and work a full time job and squeeze as much fun as I can into my life. This leaves me very little time if a need arises to stop and make a card for a loved one that is ill or for a birthday that I forgot.
Having a stash of every type of card enables me to be ready for any occasion, illness and yes even a sympathy card for those moments in our life.
I make cards in my free time and always make them two up on my mat with the help of my Gypsy. This actually saves me time as two cards easily fit on  a 12x12 sheet of paper and I only have to pick paper out once. Sometimes I think it is harder to choose the paper that it is to make the card!
I actually have reached the point in my life that I don't buy cards and I love it. I also love that people look forward to getting my cards and even take time to show those off to those around them!
If you don't have, I challenge you to make a card stash for yourself. You will be so glad you did.
Thank you for joining me today I hope I have encouraged you in some small way. Thank you too for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. You comments inspire me to continue sharing with you.
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