February 18, 2013

Double Slider Candy Wrapper

Hi, this is Charlotte C.  I’m so thrilled to be here again on Sheila’s blog.  I want to share what I made for our guests at my daughter’s birthday luncheon.  The original inspiration for these came years ago from Dawn’s Stamping Studio and I’m finally getting around to actually making them. 

Hershey chocolate bar
Card stock for wrapper and panel (see my note below)
1” x 13” (approx) strip cut from plastic bag you get from the supermarket
Red line tacky tape
1 ¼” circle punch (I used 1 ½ because that’s what I had)
Embellishments as desired.
NOTE:   8 ½ x 11 will make one wrapper and one panel..  If you use 12 x 12 as I did, you will get two wrappers, two panels, plus some great strips for a later use, with very little waste.

Here’s the how-to as I did it and what I used:
Printed 12 x 12 kraft card stock from Recollections Love Letters scored at 2 7/8, 3, 5 ¾,  5 7/8, 8 ¾,  8 7/8
I then cut the card stock at 9 ¼, then across at 6”  (I did this on white here so it’s easier to see)

Fold all the score lines going the same way toward the inside.

Working from the left section, wrap the plastic strip around it bringing the bottom up over the top piece.  Use a piece of tacky tape to secure it and cut off the extra.  You want this wrap to be snug, but not tight; it has to move.  Slide the wrap more to the right and slide the secured seam toward the bottom.
Add a piece of tacky tape over that seam and stick the Hershey bar on it
Flip open that section and on the back of the plastic strip put a piece of tacky tape near the top.  Adhere a panel cut at a scant 2 ½ x 5 ¼ to that tacky tape
Use half of the circle punch on the right section to cut an opening so you can pull the candy up.  (If you’re going to do any stamping on the cover of the wrapper, do it before the next step).
Fold the wrapper as shown below and use tacky tape to secure the opening on the left. 
When you pull up the candy, part of the panel will slide out the bottom.  This is where you can stamp your greeting or sentiment.
Here’s a few I finished.  I kept the cover very simple – just added a computer-generated label cut from Art Philosophy, then used antique linen distress ink and a script stamp to soften the look.  I also computer-generated the wording on the panel that slides out the bottom before I adhered the panel to the plastic strip.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you have many sweet celebrations in your life.

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