February 25, 2013

Warning: Rated NC-17!

Hi folks,

Ian, here, from A Newbie Crafter.  Today I did a quick little sign for myself for my upcoming job search conference (more on that to come at my blog).  I wanted to create something that was small enough to travel with and something that I could post in the hotel room.

For this project, I used a small 4.25"x5.5" single side cardstock and drew lines with a gel pen. I used a white gel pen to put a dot in each corner box.  I then took a gold gel pen and drew squiggly lines to give it some flair.  I stamped "screw" on and wrote the other words with my white gel pen.  Although this is not the best word to use...I could have used an even worse one.  :)  I then took some Martha Stewart flowers and put them on the corners to give it a more frilly look to it.  I am planning on taping this to the mirror in my hotel room, or the back of the door so I can see it right before I leave for the day to go to all of the interviews.  The other idea I had was to keep it in my bag so that I could look at it between interviews for a little comic relief.  I was nervous to do this, however, this IS She's a Sassy Lady, so I thought I could get away with it being a little sassy.  :)

I hope I didn't offend anyone!  You were warned in the title of the post.  :)

Craft on,
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