February 20, 2013

Paper Crafting Technology!!

Cricut Mini, Gypsy, and Kindle Fire!
What a great combination of paper crafting technology!
I love to attend paper crafting crops, but I do not enjoy carrying lots of Cricut Cartridges and bulky electronic die cutting machines!   Here is the answer to my traveling problem!
I have downloaded most of the handbooks for Cricut Cartridges that I have onto my Kindle Fire!
I have the handbooks at my fingertips!

Hello, this is Carolyn from
I do not have a project to share today, but I do have some information that I hope you will find helpful!  I plan to give the steps for downloading the Cricut Cartridge Handbooks to the Kindle Fire and provide a website for more information.

To download Cricut Cartridge Handbooks to the Kindle Fire...(using Adobe Reader)
**On the Kindle Fire home page, in the top right corner, click on "Web" and enter cricut.com in the search engine.  Click on cricut.com.
**On the left of the screen at cricut.com  choose the "Cricut Cartridge Library"
**At the top right corner in the search engine, enter the name of the cartridge handbook you wish to download, and press "Go"
**Click on "learn more" under the picture of the cartridge you are wanting to download the handbook
**Under the description of the cartridge, click on " 'Click here' to ready product details"
**This will take you another screen, on the left of the screen, scroll down to "digital handbook" or "digital trifold" (depends on the cartridge handbook you are wanting).
******Tip*****At this point, you should see a statement that will pop up quickly and tell you that the handbook is downloading.  You do not actually see the handbook, it is being downloaded into the Adobe Reader that comes with the Kindle Fire.
**After downloading as many handbooks as you wish, close the program.

**To see the downloaded handbooks in the Adobe Reader, return to the Kindle Fire home page and click on "Apps", click on "Adobe Reader"
**Click on "documents" in the top left corner and all the handbooks will appear in "Recents" downloads.
**The handbooks are saved on your Kindle Fire!  By clicking on "documents", the handbooks will be in alphabetical order and readily accessible for use!

If you prefer a video for downloading the handbooks to Kindle Fire, please visit... Okieladybug's Scrap and More Website

The Cricut Mini is a small, lightweight electronic die cutting machine by Provocraft that cuts using the Cricut Craft Room or Cricut Gypsy.  I prefer using the Gypsy, a handheld electronic tool from Provocraft that allows me to design projects with the Cricut Cartridges. Then cut out the project using the portable Cricut Mini.

The Cricut Mini, mats, blades, cables, Kindle Fire, and Gypsy....
everything fits into one tote bag!
Isn't technology grand!!!

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