February 9, 2013

I Finally Tried CCR And Boy Did I Have A Hard Time Cutting! My Fault!

Good morning, thought I would give the Cricut Craft Room (CCR) another chance and actually laid out and cut out 9 little Birthday Teddy Bears..... Boy did I make the blunders! I hope you take a little journey with me and be patient as I feel like I should be wearing a hard hat in this construction zone! Grab a cup of coffee & due join me.

This is the first little item that I did... 9 little bears at 3.75 each. Notice all layers sit one on top of the other. I have to admit that I even did the clothing with the 3 layers without realizing that you could look at one layer at a time. I felt like such a blonde. I growled at this the whole time thinking "this is ridiculous why am I looking at all the layers at once?" I never saw the little eyeball that you touch.... just like on my gypsy! I am showing the following photos just so you can see I finally figured that out.... would you believe aft I laid them all out and cut them all out! Can you stand it?

Here is the other page and again all layers stacked on each other... no wonder I thought CCR was so difficult to work with!

I took photos of these cuts so you could see that I did learn!

Notice you can separate just like on the Gypsy so that you can look at the mat and layout your different color sections.

I have to tell you I did like the big screen but I still love the convenience of my Gypsy. The following video is long but it goes over alot... and I kind of like one video instead of 2 parts. If the first part where I am trying to figure out how to cut bores you just move past it and go to the card part.

Now that was a lot of detail, wasn't it? These cards as simple as they are with one object on the front of the card did have a lot of little detail in it. So many little pieces and then with the stamping and glitter on the hats, the card do take a little time to put together.... Note my Wifi worked just fine for the next cut. I guess I just didn't wait long enough at the onset where it was telling me to check my mat.

Isn't this little bear just too cute? I love the glitter and the embossing on the background. Since I am going to mail this little card I did put the balloons on the inside of the card so they would fit in the envelope.

Look at the little shirt. Just too cute and I got my stamp at Stamps Of Life it is from the postage2stamp set.

In this photo you can see the cool effect of the embossing and see that it is a Wobble card. I learned that I should have place the Wobble a little higher for a more even shake to it.

Don't you just love the little party hat? Chunky glitter works wonders.

Here is the inside of the card and for this one I used My Craft Spot's Birthday Sentiments stamp and it is perfect for this.

Thank you for joining me today, I sure hope you enjoyed this post... I know it sure was a project for me but I did learn a lot.
Thank you for your encouraging words. You comments inspire me to continue sharing with you. Have a blessed day.
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