April 27, 2013

Craft Birthday Gift

It is so exciting to have a grand daughter to have a love of crafting! So for her 10th birthday I put together this awesome gift for her so she can make cards when she wants to, not just when mommy lets her! My little Sydney loves making cards but doesn't have cool goodies to make them with and like all women my daughter doesn't want to let this child loose in her own.... let's face it we all have of favorite supplies and papers that we want to keep a close eye on. So join me today as I share Sydney's gift before it is wrapped with you.
This is the little pencil box that is filled with all kinds of markers and accent pens as well as a good pair of CM scissors.
This is a peek inside the first drawer and as you can see it is filled to the brim with supplies. There are 2 glue gliders and 3 glue sticks, the pens, glitter glue and even stamps and a little tin box filled with embellishments.

Isn't this just an awesome gift? I just know Sydney will love love love it! As it is filled with goodies that she likes.
This is a photo of the second drawer and it is filled with paper and embellishments and stickers for her to use with her card making.
And the bottom drawer has packages of envelopes and cards, papers, and punches. I am sure she will love it.
This is what it looks like from the front and as you can see it is full of goodies.
And from the side. I know there will be more room when some of the wrapping of the packages comes off but this will be a great start for Sydney.
Well I hope you enjoyed today's post and who know maybe you know someone that you can do this for too.
Thanks for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. You comments inspire me to continue to share with you. Have a blessed week.
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