April 2, 2013

Organizing Your Acrylic Stamps To Fit In Small Area

Good Day! I hope you are having a wonderful day. As you know I have recently been organizing my craft space to take advantage of every inch in my Craft Room. Well I started on my stamps and just love the system that I have. Now you need to know I do not have a ton of stamps like a lot of you do but I do have quite a few and my system can be adapted to fit your needs.
The first thing I did was go to Staples as they make great binders that have a life time guarantee! They have really turned me into a notebook snob as I really love the quality. I also purchased the Martha Stewart page protectors and inserted white card stock in each one so that you could not see through them. Then I sorted and placed all my stamps in order.

After I did that I typed up my contents pages and then put everything in order. Please check out my video to see.

Isn't that wonderful? So easy to find everything and I have plenty of room to grow. All I need to do is add a notebook and more sheets and I am good to go.

 I kept my cover simple with an enlargement of my personal stamp.... Love the cover, don't you?

And don't you love how you can fit the stamp sets in the protector and they can't fall out because of the little top flap holding them in.

Here is another page and an area that I have to add 3 more pages.... I couldn't wait to share with you as I am just so excited at how easy it is to find the stamps I want now.

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed today's little organizational tip. I know I sure love being able to find just the right stamp for the occasion! I really think I am going to do this with all my Close To My Heart stamps too as I have so many of them and I just have the hardest time finding just what I need.
Thanks for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments continue to inspire me.
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