April 17, 2013

Using My Stash!

This is what my craft desk looks like today!
It is a mess, and I am blessed!

Hi, this is Carolyn from
I am blessed for many reasons, and having a full and messy craft room is one of my blessings!
I have gathered a lot of crafting stash over the years.  You see only a tiny portion of what I have stashed away in my cluttered room.  Today's post is about using some of my stash to create cards for other folks!
Take this drawer for example.  These are frames that I have collected and never used.  I decided to create a few cards with a frame on each.
Two cards using frames, pieces of patterned paper, and bits of ribbon
These cards were made from a frame that I divided in the middle, fussy cut out the frame, and glued the frame edges to a card front.
Two more cards using frames and my stash!
This is a stack of cards that I made using my stash.
I plan to donate these to Operation Write Home.
A while back, I took a couple of weeks and stamped hundreds of sentiments on white and ivory  cardstock.  I put the sentiments into small plastic bags and sorted them according to category.  I have 3 boxes of sentiments like the one you see above.  The colored label attached to the top of the box shows the categories and how I have colored each category to make it easier to use the correct sentiment.  This was a time consuming project, but it has been worth every day that I spent stamping!  Now, I can quickly create cards from my stash and add the perfect sentiments!
Click here for more information and photos   

When I see sales flyers and internet offers from crafting stores, I am tempted to use the coupons or take advantage of the many fabulous offers.  Then I go to my craft room, look around, and realized there is nothing I need to buy (well, maybe some glue!)!  I have decided it is time to reduce my stash!  
Seriously reduce my stash!
I think it will take me a while!!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!
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