November 29, 2013

GORGEOUS CHRISTMAS Cards And Mail Call Winners!

Created by Regina Andari.

Be sure to watch the video for close ups of these beautiful cards and see what prize you won.

Created By Lisa Sylva of Lisa's Craft Room.

Close up of Lisa's Card.

Created by BethAnn Marczak.

Created by Lisa Davis.

Created By Katherine Carlozzi.

Created by Diane Balaam.

Created by Gwendolyn Giles.

Created by Charlotte Cosci.

Another Card created by Charlotte Cosci.

Mylene Wilcox created this beautiful card...

and this one...

And this 3rd card.... I should have had her come and help me with my cards!

Bridget Inman created these beautiful cards.... she too could have come and help me being so good with multiples.

Bridget also made this card....

And this one.....
And my favorite card!
I hope you all enjoyed these cards they are beautiful.... All the ladies won a gift as they all worked so hard and the cards were so beautiful. I got online and order the last 3 from CTMH and they will be mailed directly from them to you. Thank you ladies for your beautiful entries they brightened my days!
Have a blessed day!
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