June 2, 2014

Father's Day Beer Mugs

Hello - Lori here from Scrappin My Stress Away with a fun Father's Day project.  I wanted to make something fun for the dad's and Papa's in my daycare this year.  I recently decorated some beer mugs for the men in a wedding party and a friend wanted a similar one for her dad.

I turned on my Cameo and dug out my vinyl and made several different ones to choose from! 
This one is the most requested!! 
I love the white letters on the black ties!! 
The moustache theme is still going strong! 
Putting vinyl on glasses is a little tricky due to the curve of the glass, but a little patience and practice go a long way!!!

I hope all of the dad's and Papa's in your life have a wonderful Father's Day later this month!!!

Thank you Sheila for having me over today!!!

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