October 20, 2011

Card Tutorial using Dies

Hi! This is Gaby from GabyCreates happy to be here on this beautiful Autumn day!

Today I am sharing a tutorial for cards I made during LUFP celebration that I participated on over at my blog. I was asked to please share the "How-To" or a tutorial.  I did create and additional card to show the steps here. 

These are some of the cards I created which generated the interest in me sharing the "How-To"

And this is the card I created to show how I made them using Spellbinders dies.
Before I get started with the tutorial I want to share a new trend.  I usually ink the edges of my papers, but this trend involves sanding your paper (not distressing) to bring out the white on the edge.  I use a Tim Holtz sander, but you can use a nail file? or?   Hope you can see on my card above.  OK on to the tutorial.

First step - Select Spellbinders die (it must have points that meet at same level--at least two)
Second step - Measure your die so that you can cut your cardstock accordingly.
--this particular die measures 4.25" x 5"

Third step - cut your cardstock accordingly after you decide which way you want it to fold, horizontally or vertically.  I chose horizontally this time, but on the pink one with same die, I chose vertically. See below.
 Here is the piece of a bit larger than 4.25" x 10" length folded in half.
Fourth step - Place die on your die cutting machine die side up and place your cardstock or card folded side on top and towards the side you have chosen (horizontal or vertical).
Above picture shows my card fold not being close enough unless you are OK with loosing this much of the design.
On the above picture you can see that I placed it closer -- Additionally and it is totally optional-- you can add a small piece of removable tape to hold it in place -- (some people have a magnetic mat or their cutting plates are fairly new and can hold your die and cardstock in place without much or no movement).

Fifth step - Run through die cutting machine 2-4 times back and forth (depends on the thickness of your cardstock.  Or you may add a shim (piece of cardstock to put a bit more pressure).

Sixth step - After running through die cutting machine clean/take all the extra particles of cardstock out as shown below on the right side.

Seventh step - decorate to taste!

Above you can see the tops or folding point of each card.

 I hope that my tutorial helped at least one of you! and that I did not confuse any...if it did, please leave a comment and I will respond. (I work during the day, so I will reply in the evening).

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!  ~Gaby
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