October 16, 2011

Vinyl Plastic Cups

Hi everyone.  This is Trenise from www.scrappin-neesie.blogspot.com   I am super excited and little nervous because this the first time being a guest on someone else's blog.

For my project, I decorating a clear cup with vinyl. It's fun, simple, and  quick and they look so cute. 

The supplies I used are clear plastic cups from Bed Bath and Beyond ($3.99), Cricut cartridge Forever Young, Cricut Lite cartridge Varsity Letters, Cricut transfer tape and vinyl (I got off of Amazon.com).

I first started by cutting the women figures I was going to use along with clothing and accessories.  After I have cut out the images, I remove all excess vinyl because its easier to see where you need to place layers and when you use your transfer tape you don't want to grab the excess parts. 

I cut these women out at 4 inches.  AKA is cut at 2 inches and 1908 is cut at 1 1/2 inches.  Layering hte pieces seemed to be the only hard part for me.  Trying to layer each piece right the first time because once it sticks down, its there.  *So patience is the key that I learned with working with vinyl.

After you have gotten your pieces put together, Next you will cut your transfer tape big enough to cover the image you are about to use. Then peel back the backing of the transfer tape to where the vinyl is sticking to the transfer tape.

* I tried to do one without using the transfer tape, BIG NO NO.  Transfer tape is your friend. Use it.  LOL

Next you will place your transfer sheet exactly where you want it on the cup, because remember once its down, it's down.  Rub over it to make sure all parts are sticking down and then pull back the transfer tape.

And then you'll add whatever other images you need the same way.

I had so much fun with these that a made some other things also.

Another cup with a dragon

A wine glass with a music note

And a vase with a rose

Thank you for looking and I'd also like to thank Sheila, for having me here as a guest designer.
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