October 12, 2011

Double Daisies

Good morning!  This is Beatriz from Amazing Grace.  I  made a Double Daisy using the Paper Lace Cricut Cartridge.  Here are the steps:

1.)  Cut out on page 32 with the Lace 2 Creative Features button pressed.  (These flowers here are 4 1/2".)

2.)  Using a different color paper, cut out the exact same thing.

3.)  Lay one of the flowers directly over the other, rotating it 1/2 petal to the left or right.  (You can stick a fat pen into the centers to make certain that they're exactly aligned.)  With a pen or pencil, draw a line exactly where ONE SIDE (either left or right) of the upper petal crosses over the lower petal.

4.)  Using small scissors, carefully cut this line on all petals of the upper flower.

5.)  Glue the center ONLY of the upper flower to the center of the lower flower, so the cuts are exactly centered where you drew them.  (You can use the fat pen again to line them up.)   Carefully weave each cut on the upper flower to the back of the lower flower.  (This photo shows them about half done.)

 6.)  Finish weaving the rest of the cuts before gluing the upper petals to the backs of the lower petals.

 Here is the layout I made using my Double Daisies! Madison Rose (my grand-baby) looks so beautiful in pink, doesn't she?

Have a happy, smiley and blessed day!
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