January 18, 2010

Blog Award

One of my super sweet blogging buddies passed this really awesome award to me, Sandy from Details By Sandy. She is a continual inspiration with her totally awesome creations. Her creativity at times is beyond description. She has an eye for detail probably a trait she inherited from our creator! I am blessed to have her as a cyber friend and blogger. I am thankful for her love of family and gentleness in spirit. I laugh as Sandy says her cyber friend Terry is busy girl; take a look in a mirror my dear! Sandy’s personal blog: Details By Sandy and is the co-creator of Stuck On you Sketches; where each week we are challenged to complete a new layout with the sketch provided.
Sandy shares all of her own beautiful creations, a piece of herself and her family with all of us. If you are looking for inspiration please pay each blog a visit. See for yourself what a wonderfully creative talent and sweet spirit Sandy has. I’m sure you will love her too!
Now, I am to list 10 things that knock my socks off and pass this to 3 blogs that do the same. The three blogs I've chosen to pass to are all super talented ladies who have only been blogging within the last year. Their sheer talent and complete and total desire to share, and help and come to the aid of others is why I chose them. They are an inspiration to all. I want to tell them how happy I am that they have joined this wonderful blogging world also, and how blessed I feel to have them in my life....
Crystal aka MyaMago
 Cindy McVey

10 things that knock my socks off....
  1. God...because no matter what life has in store He is the reason for celebration and He gives me the strength to face each and everyday with delight.
  2. My Husband...this year we will celebrate 40 years of marriage; he is my friend, my love, and my soul mate.
  3. My Children, especially My Grandchildren … because being a mom and a grandmother is the greatest blessing God has given me. I’ve become closer to God realizing just as I am effected by my children; be it good or bad, He is by me. Just as I love my children His love is to me! Even greater and that knocks my socks off.
  4. Friends and that includes YOU....because you are a part of my life, the part that brings me joy and happiness each day.
  5. Scrapping....I love, love, love it! And I am challenged beyonde belief by it!
  6. Blogging....not just my blog but the family of bloggers! Each day I am challenged, inspired, encouraged, and oh how I love the friendships that are growing!
  7. Vacations – A time of rest and recharging my system. I love going places and enjoying time with my handsome hubby and sometimes we are even joined by our children and grandchildren.
  8. Special Days with Grandchildren...be it a breakfast, a movie, a night over or time to create a craft; it the bestest (as they would say) because mommies and daddies are not allowed and we can just be silly without them!
  9. Memories...all no matter what. I cherish every moment of my life! I think that’s why I love scrapping to put on paper just a tiny tiny portion of what is in your heart and mind! Every moment, every friendship, love, abundance or hardship adds up to me.
  10. My Dynamic Duo… My Cricut and side kick The Infamous Gypsy Woman! ... there is no stopping me now, I just sit back and watch them strut their stuff.
Thank you for leaving a comment! I do appreciate and am encouraged by them!
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