January 15, 2010

I Want To Go Skating With Willie

This is a photo of my entry for Cropping With The Stars from ProvoCraft, the Cricut.com Message Board. It was a lot of fun and will be placed in our Holiday Memory Book. I keep a frame on the console in our foyer and this layout will be on display through January.

'I Want To Go Skating With Willie', is special to my sister and I, as we heard this song over and over during the holiday season. I would even sing it to my children when they were little. I don't think they enjoyed it as much as Jackie and I did! I really hope that my grandchildren will remember this side of our personality, the whimsical side, as they grow older. I can only hope they love us half as much as Jim and I love them!!!

I really had a lot of fun with this layout and learned a lot from a very special lady, Miss Jennifer S. in my neighborhood. She taught me how to make the snow and was great for bouncing ideas around with her. Thank You, Thank You, Jen you are such a wonderful enthusiastic scrapping friend.

Here is the journaling in my project, I'm sure it will put a smile on your face.:

Grandma wants to share with you a little song that your Granny would sing to her during the holidays. My sister Jackie and I loved this little song when we were little girls. It was a must on cold snowy days. Oh how our minds would race. Can’t you just see the snow, the ice, can you hear the music? I can, it goes like this…

I want to go skating with Willie
    Cause Willie is such a good skate
I want to go skating with Willie
    When Will-Willie asks for a date

That Willie’s got me Willie-Nillie
    My poor heart is ready to break
I would like to go skating with Willie, but Willie,
    cause Willie is such a good skate.

We’d go gliding, sliding over the slippery ice
    We’d go sliding, gliding,
gee but that Willie is nice.

We’d go gliding, sliding gosh but that Willie is great
    I would like to go skating with Willie
Cause Willie, cause Willie is such a good skate!

Someday I hope you too will have fond memories of me singing this little song to you. You will smile every time you see a pond iced over, and you will remember this silly little song and how Grandma would sing to you, because I love you!

I have made no secret on the boards that I would love to win this contest, however my hat's off to the winner whom ever he or she may be, this is a very talented person. As you can tell I prepared this blog entry before the results were in. I just won't push the publish till the contest results have been announced. I feel privilidged to have even been considered in this contest. I hope you too will join me in congratulating the winners, as well as every person that entered this contest. My best to each of you!

For Gypsy Cut File: Sassy-Skating With Willie
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