January 15, 2010


Working to serve you better, we are now under construction. Pam over at TheBugBytes is so graciously assisting, helping, and holding my hand trying to get ShesASassyLady functioning with navigation buttons so you can find what you are looking for a little easier. She is such a SWEETIE and is putting up with me! I think I love her.

Now if you hit a button and it goes no where, Sheila probably did that one. The good news is Pam has the Home button working so if all else fails tap it and you will come right back to the home page. Please be patient while we are working... Sheila is a slow learner on this computer!

This is my grandson Justin when he was 4 and his daddy, my son Jason. I couldn't think of a better under construction photo!!!

Thank you for understanding!
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Sandi Clarkson said...

Hey, Sheila .. you're way ahead of me on the blog thing. I post and that's about it LOL Good luck on all you've got going today!

papillon digital design said...

You are doing an awesome job sweetie. Your color choices are good. I love all your projects. They are awesome.

Sandy said...

Good for you...you go girl...hope your Friday was fab and your weekend gets even better!

Kwilt said...

Sheila...I noticed the Manitowoc crane...does your son live/work in Manitowoc?? I grew up in Manty and DH and I live in Two Rivers, 6 miles down the road...