January 23, 2010

Riverside Baptist January Swarm

This is Jen, for those of your wondering she is working on some great things to share with you very soon. I tease her all the time because she has never posted on the Cricut MB. She needs to, as her pages are beautiful. Guess what Jen I will be posting one of your beautiful layouts tonight!

This Lee, working on her projects.
And these three beautiful ladies are Deirdre, Lee and Christen.

Tina is our speed scrapper. I am trying to get her to do a quick instruction for us on how she can do 30 pages in a weekend, she once did 50! Now I don't even ask how many she got done!
This is my friend Anita, she started working on a heritage album and guess what Anita has a brand new Expression! Welcome to the Cricut world!
And our friend Laura. She is a perfectionist.... I bet you will be able to pick out her symetrical layout.
This is my daughter Jennifer giving me the look! as I lifted my camera. I told her she needed to take a photo of me, but to make sure I look gorgeous... after 4 hours sleep the night before, I knew that wasn't going to happen anytime in this lifetime!
See it didn't work! I can tell how tired I am by looking at my eyes.... and my body kept saying lay down but I pushed on. There were so many stories going on I didn't want to become one of them. I kept going fully injected with chocolate! A scrappers must!
This is Meredith she sat right behind me and had a great time.
Lee again.
This is Tracy busy at work!

This is Paula, I met her for the first time tonight. We are missing photos of Beth and Ashley as they were out when I took people photos and honestly forgot to get their photos when I was taking pictures of the layouts. They are beautiful ladies and I am sorry.
My Expression and My Gypsy Woman taking a much needed rest. I cut for 5 hours straight before the swarm!

Look how organized this scrap station was.... that's our Lee!

Well this is all that I had time to post this morning but, I took photos of everyones LO's and will post them tonight after I get home from work. (9 or 10 pm). We really had a great time, laughing, sharing and talking the evening away. I was the first to leave at 11, my Jennifer left at 12 and Jen was there until 1 this morning.

I think we are all looking forward to the next one in March.  Oh, by the way, I finished my SOUS sketch last night and will post it also complete with directions by Sunday afternoon! I am so pleased with it and can't wait to share with you. (sorry ran out of time as I have to work). Have a great day!
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papillon digital design said...

you look great sweetie. I wish i could look as good without sleep.
Oh my what great photos. Hmm... One more skill I have to learn .
These are so inspiring.

Jen Green said...

Great job on the blog once again. Btw that is a nice picture of you. Thanks for siting with me I had fun!!!