January 19, 2010

Scraping On The Go In My New Messenger Bag

I was busy at work when this arrived but I took it out and took a quick photo... I was going to make Jen jealous by emailing her the photo. Instead I stopped at her house on the way home and let her touch it and smell that awesome leather.... Be jealous Jen, be jealous.

And you know what that means.... I can carry more goodies to work on!! Yup, I shouldn't do this but, here's the contents of my bag, complete with a couple of things I am working on for the all newTuesdayTreats coming in February! Shhh, just a quick peak is all you get...

This is just a quick reminder to all that you can work anywhere! We are all soooo busy these days that we need to be prepared. Just pack your bag and and place the items you are working on in a protective plastic container. As you can see my bag holds my trustie cricut tool kit (thanks NurseViper), my adhesives, skittles, ribbon and whatever I need for the project. The heavy plastic bag contains my cut items that I am working on as I don't want to chance any item folding or ripping.

Now it doesn't matter how much time I have, 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 minutes or an hour, I am ready with all the items I need. Yesterday I completed 3 little items. I placed over 100 skittles on my project saving me valuable scrapping time. I came home had a half hour to spare and positioned 100 rhinestones. Now when I go to my swarm Friday evening I won't get bogged down with the details that make all the difference in a page. I can accomplish and visit a lot more.

Save your self time, just spend a few minutes organizing and then carry your bag where ever you go. You will be amazed where you will be able to finish the little things, saving you a whole lot of time when you have the time to complete your project. All because you were prepared. Happy Scrapping!!!
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