October 2, 2010

Gypsy Made Simple - Following A Sketch And Complete a Layout

It's time for a layout and what is the best thing to make a layout of .... To The Beach of course! Today you will learn how to follow a sketch to produce a successful layout on your Gypsy. You will make the layout and then break it out into multiple pages for your cut. You will also learn how to use your Gypsy and Cricut Markers to make outlines on an object (this is optional in your final layout).

This is our little sketch that I did while waiting for my client to arrive at my office. Remember you DO NOT NEED TO USE THE SAME ART all you need to do is have a large circle, title, 2 photos and 2 pieces of art to have a successful rendition of this sketch. Our first video is starting the layout.
I liked my title at the bottom of the page for this sketch. I used all the sketches as worksheets to glue all the little pieces together so this is the only sketch that survived for a photo.

In the second video we continue working on our layout, adding all the little elements and their layers. It is in this video that you will learn how to weld your letters.

On this third video you will learn how to get all your items positioned on separate mats allow with the layers. We are then ready for color positioning so that it is easy to cut.
Here is all my mats all lined up an ready to cut. See how everything is already in position. Remember when positioning your papers line up the arrow on the mat of your Gypsy with the arrow on your mat.
Oops, what is this..... your better check out the next video so you can learn how to use the Cricut Markers as they are sooooo awesome and so easy to use with a little help from our Gypsy.
My Cricut got a work out with this project.

Well on this little video you learn how to work your Gypsy so that you can use those Cricut Markers with ease. You will love the look and how easy it is to accomplish.
Look at this yummy papers so shimmery, just like the beach the sun dancing over all the objects.
I started by putting all my elements together. I used plenty of pop dots to lift the colors on the umbrella and to give it dimension.
Here is the sand castle, the bucket, shovel and crabs. I had to use Zip Dry glue as my papers had a glittery sheen to it making it hard to hold together.
Isn't that a cute little sand castle?
See how the papers just shimmered?
I cut off part of my circle.
And here are my completed embellies.
I added the title and love the outlined letters. They work so well on little boy layouts.
A close up and notice the shovel even has sand in it!!!
Another close up. Don't you just love the little google eyes on the crabs?

That's it for today and I want to thank you for spending time with me today, I sure hope you learned something new that you can use when you design with your Gypsy.
Now your task is to make your page and then link it up on my blog so we can see what you did and how much you are growing with your skills.  All you need to do is follow the easy sketch. Large circle, 2 photos, 2 pieces of art and a title. Remember these are basic skills that you are learning. If you have any questions be sure to email me at ShesASassyLady@hotmail.com or if there is any area that you want me to cover please do the same.
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I hope you enjoyed today's little project and learned something new at the same time. Thanks for your continued support and sweet words of encouragement. Your comments are what inspire me to share with you.
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