October 20, 2010

Imagine/I-Rock Onsies

Hi, Becky here from Journey To Creativity back to play again on The Sassy Lady blog. Thank you Sheila for letting me come back and play.

I ordered the imagine back in September when HSN had it as the special value of the day. When it came in I was sick and wasn't able to play with it for about three weeks. After opening it up and starting to learn more about it, I fell in love. I wanted to try something different so I started looking around the house and found two baby onsies that needed some attention.

So I thought I would try transferring an image printed by the imagine onto the onsies.

I started by doing a test print onto card stock to make sure I got the sizing correct. The final size I decided on was 2.5 inches.

On the imagine I flipped the image before printing. I printed and cut the images using the Nursery Tails cartridge onto Avery Light Fabric transfer paper purchased at Wal-Mart.

Iron the images onto the onsies with the iron set on cotton setting using dry heat. Allow the image to cool for two minutes and peel off the paper backing.

I wanted some bling so I bought the i-rock heat setting tool. I have to say that the instructions were not quite clear enough for me because I left the heat tool on the stone to long and actually burnt the first one I attempted. After making that mistake I realized that all you really need to do is touch the heat tool to the stone for just a second and remove it. That technique worked much better and I was able to finish applying my bling without any more burns.

This is actually the one that I burnt but you can still see how adorable it turned out.

My second attempt at adding bling worked perfectly.

I had so much fun using my imagine and the i-rock heat tool that I can now think of a thousand things to add bling too. So hop on over to my blog and become a follower, there will definitely be more bling to come. Don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me how you will use this idea and make it your own. Thanks for stopping by today!
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