October 11, 2010

Halloween Cards Are Fun To Make Especially With Someone You Love!

Well it all started with a message board challenge where I made an adorable cat card and had all the photos on my computer for the different stages of making. This graduated into a Sunday afternoon card party with my handsome grandson Justin and I making cards. So since today's feature is so picture heavy I will try to keep the wording to a minimum. Warning, I do ooh and ahhh a lot.
This is the inside of the card. Notice the purple ribbon has black glitter bats on it. How cool is that and I got it on sale at Michael's.
I started out by inking the base pumpkin cat weld and then attached the two glittered  (K and Company) pumpkins to it.
I then focused my attention on the cat and used my I-Rock to attach green rhinestones for eyes.
I tried drawing on a nose and mouth and that was a disaster so I used a black marker and covered that up which made an even bigger mess. So....
Since the kitty was already attached to the pumpkin I used the Martha Stewart glue that came with the glitter and made swirl motions all over the cat.
I then sprinkled on the glitter and made sure it was completely covered. I let it set for just a minute before tapping it all off.
Isn't he handsome?
I then applied pop dots to the back of my artwork.
And attached it to the base. My base was a black card 5.5x8.5, 1 fold finished size 5.5x4.25" A2 card. Then striped paper was 5.25x4 and then the art work.
See how you can see the swirls on the cat? It almost looks like fur.
This is the card standing up. I have to add I just love the feel of this card as it has so much substance to it as there are so many layers.
I was going to leave the card as is but I didn't use Zip Dry so the glue bleed through so I used glossy accents to cover my letters.
This is the inside before it dried.
And after it dried, it really looks so nice and I love the bats on the ribbon.

Then it was time for the next card... the witches hat. Now at this point is when Justin decides this looks like too much fun and Thursday morning when he is sitting in my kitchen for breakfast he told me that we needed to get together and make some cards Sunday and I already asked my Mom and she said it was OK!!! So my little verbal helper is going to join me and we are going to make some cards Sunday and we are going to share them with you!  Aren't you lucky?
Word of caution when making this hat. If you are going to glitter the stars make sure you have the right side up as I did my stars upside down by accident. So, the star at the tip was done twice!!
I ran the little pieces thru the Xron and then shook a little glitter on each piece and used my Stampin Up Crystal Effects (Glossy Accents) over the top to seal in the glitter.
I let all the pieces dry and then attached them to the hat.

Doesn't this look cute? I stamped Trick or Treat on the inside of the card.
Here is Justin using my Scor Pal. He was fascinated that there was so much math to making a little card.
And yes folks, he can work my Gypsy Woman. I first pulled out my little book with all the photos of the carts I own. From there Justin chose the little monster he wanted for the front of his card.
After cutting it he glued it together.
And this is what it looked like... almost completed.
And after the little google eyes were attached.
Then he flipped it over and added Zip Dry glue to the back of the monster and attached it to the card base.
You can see the mess we are making and it was fun to just sit and talk while creating.
This is Justin's Z fold card, when he saw me working on one I had to stop and help him do his.
This is the other card Justin made. He used my Gypsy woman again and cut out two different pumpkins and confiscated the pumpkin on my calendar for his card. So all in all Justin was able to complete 3 whole cards. I want to add Justin just turned eight. He can work the Gypsy with sizing and layering but has not attempted to weld letters or artwork yet. I still find that amazing.
This little skeleton form Paper Doll Dress Up is perfect for the font of my Z card. My paper is from K and Company the Halloween stack.
I love the look of these Z card and think I will start making more of them.
All I did was add the word boo to the striped section.
Close ups of Justin's cards.
The Z card was a little difficult for him as they haven't learned fractions or division yet in school.
A close up of his boo card.
And the monster card. Notice he stamped boo on by himself.... and we both have the ink on us to prove it!
And the inside of the monster card.
My completed Z card.
The front of my Z card.
And the inside of it. I sure hope you enjoyed today's post. Justin and I had so much fun making our cards. I usually don't make Halloween cards but with six grandchildren I thought I better start.
Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. You comments continue to insire me.


Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

These are beautiful and yes it looks more fun this way!! I love the skeletons z card. hat is my favorite

Chanda D Brady said...

will you be my grandma too???

Cher~ said...

It looks like you had so much fun. What great memories you are creating for you both!!! Love all the cards!

juelt said...

had a friend and her daughters come over yday and I was helping them make em - i think they're fun! it's not my holiday - but because of the crafting - i'm having more fun with it!

Angi @ CokiePop said...

What a fun craft day. Love that glitter and those eyes that you made with the I-Rock.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

How fun to make cards with Justin. What awesome pictures.. Justin is lucky to have such a talented grandma.

Southernbelle said...

Your cards are just beautiful and what a great scrappin' partner you have there!

CraftyGirl said...

Now that cat has some personality!! lol!! I love all the bling on the card!! And I loved looking at all the projects you did with your handsome little man!! all of them are lovely!!
Barb :)

mforquer said...

Wowzers!!! Love these cards!! Justin is a wonderful card maker! Do you have a link to his blog??? Thanks for sharing this special day with us!

Audrey Frelx said...

Sheila, you and Justin are such a riot to me!!! I love how much you enjoy each other; I wish I had grandchildren to be able to do such fun things with. Of course, my son is spoiled and selfish -- 37 years old and still saying he doesn't want to have children for me to love someone more than I love him; can you imagine that?!!!

Your card is adorable!!!

kimmie said...

sassy! these are so stinkin' cute! i love how you made the glitter under the glossy accents.

Kel said...

Excellent fun projects!! It looks like you had a ball making them too!! tfs!

Audrey Frelx said...

I had to come back and admire Justin's cards again -- he really did do a fantastic job!!! You've taught him well! LOL!

Michele said...

How cute and fun! You now need to make a scrapbook page of this special day!

Love the card too!

Debby said...

Sheila, I LOVE the cards and I love that your grandson enjoys making them with you. Not only is it a great memory for you, but he will always cherish this time with his grandma!

CutAndGlue said...

Wow, great cards!!! Justin is soooo adorable, I just want to hug him and pinch his cheeks :)

Lisa said...

Sheila let me just say that all the cards are adorable. Justin is such a cute boy. He looks so proud at what he made and he should be proud because he did an awesome job. That time spent with each other must have been so special. That is wonderful.

Beth(thunderbirdlindy) said...

This is an awesome post. I love the cards, and the little boy is just the cutest thing making cards and it turned out great. You are creating a monster!

Anonymous said...

I have just started making cards myself. I love the z card. How do you create the folds?