May 21, 2012

Alabama Spring Card Party

Well the party is in full swing here and we are busy making our cards. I hope you enjoy this post but I warn you it is picture heavy as I have 14 cards to share with you!!!
This is Dorothy, Charlotte of A Little Bit Of Detail and Laura busy making a card. From the looks of it, I think it is one of Charlotte's cards. We had so much fun. Dorothy and Laura are new at card making, just bringing their first card to the party to share with the others. I know they learned a lot because I learn some new technique each time we do this. We had fun chatting and getting to know each other better.
Just in case you hadn't see my getting ready post this is what the table looked like when our guest arrived. Each place setting was filled with information and goodies to take home to use for future card making.
Of course there was plenty of playing around too. This is Anita helping me take a photo of Laura. We are all good friends and it is so nice to be able to share this portion of my life with them.
Laura is holding up the card she made that Dorothy brought. It was the first time that Dorothy had ever worked a Cuttlebug and she stickled all the little lambs before bringing so they would be dry... I don't think she will do that in the future.
Abby took this photo of me... I was so busy crafting, I didn't even know she took this photo. I knew she took another but it was such a bad photo, I won't even share.... I can do that, it was my camera! LOL
This is Abby on the left, Anita's daughter and my daughter Jennifer on the right.  Jennifer was my co-hostess and I so enjoyed having her help me, she is such a sweetie and I really appreciate her.

Now this is what you wanted to see, all the cards! Yeah, aren't they awesome? I took a little photo of each card too and tried to show some of the dimension but I think you can see better in this video.

This card was designed by Charlotte of A Little Bit Of Detail and it is GORGEOUS. It has so much wonderful detail. I love it...
Here is a close up so you can see all the embossing and the inking she did.... Charlotte I have to share... she share that she just swipes the ink pad when she is inking the edges and you know what, I tried it and it looks great and such a wonderful time saver. Try it.
Anita made his card and it is beautiful I just wish you could see the detailed cut a little better and the color is turquoise. It is BEAUTIFUL!
This is my little Get Well card. I wish you could see it a little better as the orange is in a glitter paper and it just shimmers and shines.
This GORGEOUS card was designed by Abby and was the hardest card of the night. The flower had 6 layers and you had to line up all those little swirls. Sounds easy but let me assure you each of the swirls was a different size so it was like putting together an intricate puzzle.
This is a close up so you can see how intricate this card was. Love it, but I wouldn't want to make a bunch of them!
This is another card designed by Abby and it is beautiful, simple and elegant. Beautiful.
Dorothy made this beautiful card and I love the little stickled lamb. She inked all the edges with Cotton Candy ink. Wonderful friendship card. Hard to believe this is Dorothy's first card ever!
This is my little owl, a partial shape card and you know how I love shape cards! It can be used for any occasion.
This is another card designed by Charlotte and it is GORGEOUS. The monogram is from Winter Wonderland and it is just lovely.
Here is a close up so you can see the detail of the embossing behind the letter as well as the ribbon and lace. Very elegant.
We finally asked Charlotte where she comes up with the ideas for these beautiful cards and she says by "Trial and Terror" and we all chuckled. Her cards are amazing. Be sure to check out her blog A Little Bit Of Detail, I know you are in for a treat if you do.
This is another first card ever, designed by Laura. It is a beautiful friendship card that you would be proud to send out. The colors are awesome... sorry it was a cloudy day when I took these photos and I wish you could see this card shimmer and shine.
Here is my slider card.... I thought a little frog would be perfect for the summer months coming up.  Be sure to watch the video if you want to see him spin around. It is a wonderful birthday card.
Here is a close up so you can see how awesome the papers are. He just shimmers.
This GORGEOUS card was designed by Anita and it is as cute as can be. Love all the detail in this card. Anita thought of every thing. The inside sentiment was run off her computer and the ribbon you see on the front actually goes behind the sentiment area... look at the little owl on the front, isn't he handsome?
Thought you would want to see a close up of the front of Anita's card too.
This is Jennifer S.'s card and it is lovely. I love the colors and the papers on this card.  Jennifer was unable to make it to the party as she was sick so I delivered a large bag to her home with all the cards ready for her to put together. She was thrilled... oh just so you know I did make a copy of the fronts of all the completed cards so she would know how the looked completed. I think she will busy for a while.
This is a close up of Jennifer's card.
I hope you like today's post and enjoyed all the cards and photos I shared with you. Maybe someday you too can have a party of your own and have your friends over to play.
Thanks for your sweet sweet words of encouragement. Your comments inspire me to continue sharing with you. Have a blessed day.
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