May 12, 2012

Getting Ready For A Card Party

Well you are reading this the morning after my party.... I am at work thinking of all the things that I need to do and would like to do before our big night. I thought I would share with you exactly what I do so maybe you too can have one of these awesome parties!
I sent out an E-Vite to all possible attendees and limited total attending to only the amount of people that would fit comfortably in my dining room.  I am so excited as seven (oops we are squeezing in the 8th) of my friends including one of my blogger friends Charlotte from A Little Bit Of Detail is coming!
Now this is our second party and our little group is growing as we are expanding from 6 to 8 people!
I sent out an E-Vite with the following copy in it. I want you to know I already have 7 cards at my home ready to be made and I know that there are 3 more cards that will arrive tomorrow!!! I think the party will be a success, don't you?

Don't you just love this little card? I made it using the Art Philosophy Cart and the Fashionista Stamp set from Close To My Heart. All I did was use an 8 1/2x11 cut in half and then added tow layers of paper and then the scalloped oval cuts. I stamped my image with Black ink and then inked the edges with the Cotton Candy ink to give a finished look.

I packed all the set in those awesome 12x12 jacket form Hobby Lobby. I love the little pocket as you can put goodies in it and you don't have to worry about loosing pieces to your project. For the party I put the sample card in the front pocket.
This is a photo at the last party and as you can see we have goodies at each place setting. My spot and my daughter's have the ATG gun and our supplies.
Now I do pick up little gifts to place at each place setting. This time the will get 2 packets of bling, a little Close To My Heart Stamp Set with a little mini Studio G stamp pad, a little bag of chocolates all wrapped up with the SassyLady logo and a book mark I made.
This is last night's table, I love that plastic cover that protects my table.
We are going to have a few little games too so it should keep the evening hopping. Keep reading and be sure to leave me your opinion and suggestions please.... especially for the next one as I think I am a little weak in this area... the games.
This is the little place setting that everyone has in front of them when they arrive, doesn't it make you want to play.
  • Tickets – Each person to receive a ticket the first ticket drawn will win a package of card stock the 2nd will win the grand prize a large case for card storage. This will be drawn during our break.
  • Odd Card – In the Owl and the Spinner card 1 card had the stripe going in the opposite direction, the person getting that odd card to win a little gift.
  • Lucky 7 - on the 7th card made, the 7th card picked from the bag wins a bottle of flowers.
  • Most Cards Brought – If someone brings more than 1 card to the party they are a true card maker…. The person bringing the most cards to make 3 or more will win a stamp set.
  • Card Without Direction – Speed counts the first to complete the get well card will win a stamp set.
All of the ladies are bringing a little goodies to share. Example; someone is bringing chip& dips, another cheese and crackers, another sweets and so on. Jennifer will make the punch and I am in charge of the guacamole (I make the bestest) and we will be snacking most of the evening... Oh I forgot to tell you Abby is bringing Champagne so everyone will be in a party mood!
Below I have printed a copy of the invitation below but I thought you would like to see what if takes to get a package ready to go... Again, be sure to leave me a comment on the bottom of this post as I really would like your opinions and suggestions as this is new to us too and we want to make sure that it keeps going strong.
Now let me know in the comments what you think of a party like this, and if you would attend one if you received an invitation like mine. Also let me know what you would change or add if you were the hostess.

Here is the copy of the invitation...

It's time for another card party!
This time let's make a birthday, get well or all occasion card to share. Now doesn’t that sound like fun! This will help round out our card stash for our personal use.
This time we will have at least 8 cards to go home with. By the way I will be inviting 10 people and the first 8 will be accepted!
Oh, did I mention prizes? Yup, we will have prizes! You just have to show up with your card packages and be ready to have fun!
Here is how it works. Only 8 people are allowed at this party (and Jennifer & I have used up 2 of those seats) so call early to get your reserved seat! Each person will receive 8 card packages, 1 from each of the participants attending. The package will contain everything needed to complete the card. You will be doing the assembly of your packages at the workshop so bring your own adhesive (favorite tape runner & glue).
You are required to bring 8 card packages. All 8 packages will contain the same card, color may vary. You will have the card stock scored, stamped images already on the paper and if they are to be colored in that should be done also. Make sure any cuts are completed and if inking is needed please have them done too. If you want your cards to have extra dimension please feel free to use your Cuttlebug. If pop dots, rhinestones or any other embellishments are needed, please include them in your little package.
At the workshop you will be given 10 to 15 minutes to help everyone assemble the card you designed. Please make sure you bring a completed card for them to see as some people find it easier to work off of a display and then you have to show less also.
Half way through we will stop for refreshments and goodies as we don’t want to bring drinks to the table we are working on. Then we will go right back to working on our cards and chatting some more! So reserve your seat and then start working on getting your packages ready. Have fun designing your card, just have it completely ready for assembly.
So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and reserve your seat.
Note: Once your seat has been confirmed by Jennifer or Sheila you need to make your card packages and get them to either one of us at least 1 week prior to the workshop. This way even if there is an emergency and you can’t make it that night everyone with reserved seats will still get all 8 cards including you! So hurry up, mark your calendars and let’s have some fun!
Be sure to call Jennifer or Sheila to reserve your seat today!

Back again, for this week I CHALLENGE YOU to CREATE a CARD, any card and link it up by Friday 4PM on May 18th to qualify to win a stamp set. The winner will be chosen by and will be announced on Saturday morning.
Now doesn't that sound like fun? I am anxious to hear your comments.


Charlotte C said...

I can't imagine anything more fun that attending one of your card parties. Too bad I'm in NY. Have a great time.

Candy said...

Wow Sheila! What a fantastic idea! If I knew any ladies to party with I would sure have one of these parties. But I don't know anyone who crafts around here. Oh well I will live vicariously through you! Your lady card is so beautiful. Love the pink and black combo. Hope you have a fantastic time at your party!

Unknown said...

I've never been to one where everyone brings pre-packaged items to create cards! Fabulous idea! Love how you assembled everything. I'm anxious to hear how the games went. It sounds like so much fun!!

Candy said...

Your card party sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of each guest bringing prepackaged cards to the class - what a great way to share ideas & creativity!!!

Candy said...

Your card party sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of each guest bringing prepackaged cards to the class - what a great way to share ideas & creativity!!!

Brenda said...

This sounds like so much fun! I plan on doing one too, I think the ladies will have a great time!

Java Jen's Creations said...

Oh my goodness, if I lived near you, I would SO be there for one of these parties!!! This inspires me to try this in my area!! Your creations are soooo beautiful!!

Migdalia said...

OMG!So much fun....I wish I was there!!!

Dawn, RI said...

I think you have it all together and under control. Just one thing is you should work on sales. Ask each attendee host the show. Set a minimum that each should spend from the catalog. Then each time you meet the hostess gets the credit and claim the hostess gifts and you get the sale. Look at the minium
Party amount so the hostessis is gauirnteed the hostess gift. Allow each hostess the option to get outside orders to increase her hostess gifts. Its a win win situation. As a independat sales person you want to make the sale. Keep every one happy and increase your commission. You can even set up additional groups of people and plan to do more than every three months.

Every one need supplies. Your now available to make the sale.
Also you might try having a few nessacery items in stock for purchase should they say run out of glue adhesive or something they may have forgotten.

You already give plenty. Of your party ie gifts. Give them the oppurtuity to get more. Good luck. Remember their are incentive for sales. Wouldn't you love to EARN a trip. Or office supplies like camcorders or computers. I once earned a trip to Vegas and took advantage of the buy in deal for my husband.
Conventions are grew inspiration (parties) that last a few day. The giveaways are tremendous and there's free time to enjoy the trip.
Try these out as you expand your growth as a sales person. Its amazing how far you can go.
Good luck. And thanks for sharing every day with your audience.

Charlotte said...


It was another great card party. I love all the cards everyone made. And how fun it is that you have old friends who are now new card making friends. I had such a fun time and am looking forward to our next one in the fall. Thanks for a great evening.


Audrey Frelx said...

Sounds like a really-really fun party, Sheila!!! And the agenda is filled with such fab ideas for any one to have a party of their own. Oh how I wish I could have attended! I really wish I were near to you, my friend, because I'd be there with bells on!!!

Your card is beautiful! You almost make the most wonderful cards!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Sounds like a really-really fun party, Sheila!!! And the agenda is filled with such fab ideas for any one to have a party of their own. Oh how I wish I could have attended! I really wish I were near to you, my friend, because I'd be there with bells on!!!

Your card is beautiful! You almost make the most wonderful cards!!!

Cricut Couple said...

It stinks that we all live so far away. How fun would this be with all our online friends? I am so jealous. Hee! Hee! What a beautiful table. I would be afraid to mess it up.