May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Centerpiece

Hello everyone! Java Jen here from JAVA JEN CREATIONS and today is my turn again to share with everyone here at SHE'S A SASSY LADY! As always, I'm so grateful to Sheila for the opportunity!  I was playing around with the Giant Flowers cartridge and decided to make a centerpiece for my Mom's table decor.  Well, let me back up - when I first made the flower, I was just going to stop there but later decided to take it to the next level and make it into a centerpiece!  These Giant Flowers are soooo cool!

 Here is my finished project using Giant Flowers, Florals Embellished, Elegant Edges and Sweethearts:

I started with the Giant Flowers cartridge and cut the Lotus flower at 6.5".  There are lots of petals to cut to make this flower, but the instructions in the cartridge booklet are very clear on how many to cut of each kind of petal and exactly where they all fit into the base.

My Gypsy made this project so much easier since I can name each layer that I am cutting. I simply filled mats with each different type of petal and named that layer however many I would need to cut of that petal.  For example: If I needed 12 of a particular petal, that name of that layer is CUT 12. Hopefully you can see what I'm talking about in this pic of my Gypsy screen.

Here is how I organized my petal cuts before assembling them - I just put a little piece of paper on top with the same name of the Gypsy layer. It may seem a little silly to do this, but for me, it helped me keep track of what went where! :-)

Now, on to assembling the many petals - 
These petals are very easy to put together by following the great directions in the booklet.

This is the first layer of the petals completed and I drew with a black marker over the cut marks on the base where this layer will be inserted by following the diagram in the booklet.  This made it very easy to see and I did this with each subsequent layer so I wouldn't get confused as to where to place each set of petals. :-)

First layer in the base.

Here is the completed flower turned over so you can see how all the petals fit into the base.

The completed flower! I made a little flower from the Art Philosophy cartridge to put in the center when I thought that I was stopping here with this project. :-) Oh, and by the way, this flower measures about 10.5" across so it is perfect for a centerpiece!

I decided to explore Florals Embellished and found so many great sentiments for Mother's Day so I decided to make a bouquet of sorts by putting these sentiments on signs.

After having so much fun embellishing these signs, I put them on wood skewers and placed them in a foam circle in the middle of the flower.

Here, again, is my finished project! I can't wait for my Mom to see it!!

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to give some love to your Mama this weekend and everyday! :-) She deserves it! Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere!

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