May 7, 2012

Sassy Graduation Card

Hi!  Lori here from ScrappinMyStressAway and I am so excited to show you a Graduation Card I made.  This card design can work for many different cards as well.

With Graduation coming up in a couple of weeks, we have been invited to several parties/open houses already.  I wanted to make some cards up in advance when I had the time.

My original plan was to use this card base found on Birthday Bash sized to 5.06 inches.  I added an owl at 1.82 inches and the circle image at 2.76 inches from Happy Graduation.  I welded 2012 using numbers from Birthday Bash.

The owl just did not look good ~ not enough layers and I personally think owls are a little creepy.  I scrapped the owl.  I also scrapped the smaller card, well I saved it for another project.  The circle image was too big for the little card.

I took a piece of 6x12 cardstock and scored it at 4, 6 and 8 inches.  I used my paper cutter to slide about 2 1/2 inches in the middle of the 6 inch score.
I used my ATG gun to glue around the edges of the square, not the center fold.
Once adhered together, there is a pocket inside the slit big enough for a gift card.  I lined the inside of the card with white cardstock and adhered the Happy Graduation circle.  I rotated the image so you could read Happy Graduation down the side if the flap was down.
You can see here in the black cardstock where the Gypsy and welded images are still not working 100%.  It is getting better but just not there all the way.  Because of this I am really not willing to design much on my Gypsy right now :(
My plan was to adhere the black welded numbers to the card and then pop-dot the white ones on top.  Instead I used the black layer as a guide and just stuck the numbers down.

I used a ribbon to hold the flap flat so the inside of the card would be easier to see ~ the gift card covered up the letters so it was hard to tell what it said.  If I did not use the big circle cut, I would have left the flap untied.
I added a little bit of silver ribbon as it is one of our accent colors.
I added a Recollections graduation cap sticker and a Jolee's diploma sticker.
In review, I would have preferred having the black numbers behind the white or I could have inked the edges black.  I sometimes make a mess inking small pieces so I left them alone.  If I had some school scrapbook paper with a small pattern on it, I would have cut a mat for behind the numbers.  My go-to store was out.  Our colors are blue, black and white with a little silver.  In hindsight, silver would have been a good choice, but I like it the way it is!

Thanks Sheila for having me over today!!!~


Charlotte C said...

I think it looks great. I think there's a lot of us who start with one thing in mind and it gets changed as we go along.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Lori, I think it looks great! Love the 2012 on the front and the little sticker is the perfect addition. Great idea to make a pocket for the gift card and I love the circle with the letter welded to it on the outside. Thanks for sharing your great card with us today.

Angi Barrs said...

What a super fun way to give a give card! Adorable!

Audrey Frelx said...

Lori, I love it! And you're sounding like me... my projects never end up the way I started them out to be... lol!!! But now I think I even enjoy seeing what the outcome will be... heeee!

Well, you know I think you're a Gypsy queen, so I'm not surprised you've got another winner here!

Barb Smith said...

Great card that is built around a gift card. Love the circle inside. Great job.

Barb from Toronto, Canada said...

What a great gift card CARD! ingenious! love it!

Migdalia said...

Awesome Job!!Great Idea!!TFS