July 30, 2015

Carissa Makes Her First Card For The Card Party And Wants To Teach You!

Good morning, I am so excited to share this great little card with you. My 10 year old granddaughter Carissa is making it and it is her 1st card ever!!! It is a cute little snail that we used plenty of stickles and a little of bling.

Wasn't that easy? Carissa was a little nervous but she knew what she was doing. I designed the card using Design Space. You can do it too, just pick your little critter, do a copy paste on the base only. Then you want to line up the base and click to top piece, move up till they overlap a little. Then all you do is weld. You can ad a score line in the middle if you want.

Carissa applied the stickles using her fingers to make sure it wasn't too thick but enough to catch your attention!

She stamped the inside using a stamps of life stamp and even found a little snail and added that to her card sentiment.

Well I hope you liked Carissa's Snail Card and send her lots of blog love. I know she will appreciate your kind words.
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