July 20, 2015


Hi, everyone, it’s Charlotte C.  I cannot believe we’re midway through July already.  It’s such a busy time for everyone, and having my right arm in a sling for nearly a month (like Humpty Dumpty, I had a great fall) has been one major inconvenience.  My crafting has been rather limited, but my husband has been very helpful in adhering card stock to my mats and using the paper trimmer for me when necessary.  However, I did want to share something with all of you that changes those annoying cut tick marks in images – whether from SVGs or in the Cricut library – easily and quickly.  You will need the scoring tool in your Explore for this.
For this post I’m using an envelope from the Simple Cards cartridge.  I know several images on various cartridges still have the cut tick marks and they can be converted in the same manner.  

Once you bring your envelope onto your canvas, insert a score line, size it and place it directly over the tick marks.  It’s best to unlock the score line so you don’t make it wider or narrower as you adjust the size you need.  Here I duplicated the vertical score line for each side of the envelope.  Then do the same thing for the horizontal sides.  Your image will look like this.

Insert a rectangle and place it on your envelope.  

Use your shift key to highlight both the rectangle and the envelope.   Now click Weld and your envelope will look like this.   Don’t panic – we’ll get those score lines back in a second.

Highlight the envelope, click Arrange and send it to the back.  Voila, there are your score lines.

Final step is to click Attach so that your score lines and envelope become one.  Notice that over in the layers panel it now says attached set.

Thank you for stopping by today, and thank you, Sheila, for inviting me here again this month.   Happy summer, happy crafting.


Krafthead said...

Great tutorial for someone who is new to Design Space! Hope you mend quickly~

Devblev said...

Why do you weld the rectangle?? I don't understand that part.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

I sure hope you start feeling better real soon! Great tutorial. I am using DS envelopes more and more this is helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Charlotte C said...

I'm not sure I fully understand the welding part either, Devblev, I just know that that's how it works.

Cocoa's Mom said...

Thanks Charlotte, for a very useful tip. I have tons of old paper pads that I am using for envelopes and the cut marks often tear when I fold the envelopes. Pinning on my techniques board! Do hope the arm heals soon. : )