July 8, 2015

Christmas in July

Hello!  It's Christine from http://iamcocoasmom.blogspot.com/ sharing a holiday card with you today.  Our immediate family has a brief interlude between birthdays in July and I usually work on a few Christmas cards in anticipation of my great Pre-Holiday scramble!  Normally they get stashed away to be shared later, but this one can't wait!

I've been seeing Pop Out Book Cards all over Pinterest and I was intrigued because the style reminded me of a card I made for the DGDs a couple of years ago.  That one was kinda cobbled together, and I thought it would be nice to have the real template in Design Space.

A search of the web brought me to Diane's blog and she had a scoring and cutting template already to go!  I was able to recreate the template in DS and am just waiting for her permission to share it with you'all. 

I did find a workaround that made it so much easier to position the score lines.  I created a rectangle to match the distance between the score lines.  (For example, if the score lines are 2 inches apart, then my rectangle would be 2 inches wide.)  I was able to move the score line onto the very edge of the rectangle, center the line and the card vertically and attach.  Voila!  The score line was in exactly the right place.

 Here's how the card insert is folded:-

Then it is adhered along the edges to the card base and the folds well creased.

I chose the characters from "Frozen" to decorate my card since I wanted to hang snowflakes from the top of the card.  I used the Print then Cut function and printed them on good quality white card stock.
The snowflakes are punched from glitter card stock and the stars are Martha Stewart glitter stickers and they are both strung on white thread.  This was the hardest part of the whole card!

I used the Darice snowflake embossing folder on all the white mats and glued sequins in the center of the largest snowflakes.  Gotta have some bling!

I think the recipients (shhhhh!) will like the card.  And I look forward to making more Pop Out Book Cards.   Thanks for visiting with me today and thank you Sheila for the opportunity to share.   : )  Christine


Charlotte C said...

You're amazing, Christine. I didn't quite understand it, but it looks great. Do you have a file for DS? The card is fantabulous!

Cocoa's Mom said...

I do have a file, Charlotte. But since I merely translated Diane's measurements into DS, I felt I should ask her permission first to distribute the file. Thank you for your lovely comment! : )

Krafthead said...

You did an amazing job on this!! NICE~

Lisa said...

Awesome card, love different types of cards like this.