July 13, 2010


Doesn't this look like a lot of work? Well with a little planning they were all completed in just under an hour! I am trying so hard to get my card file back in shape that I am creating cards like crazy. With my work schedule I don't have the luxury of making something at the drop of a hat and I bet yours is the same to. When I have the time to create I need to be productive and produce results. So let me share with you what I did. Below is a copy of the three individual cards.
Don't you just love the brightness of Laugh often?
The Get Well Soon needed a pick me up so I added stickles on all the white dashes.
I love the colors here too.
The first thing I learned to do is cut 2 cards at a time of the same card. you are going to use a 12x12 sheet of paper in most instances so get your monies worth and stop wasting paper! Plus it is easy to assemble 2 identical cards at the same time. I just design and lay out for ease of color cutting.
See how everything just lines up perfectly, 1 cut two cards.
See, a perfect cut.
Lines up perfectly so I remove all the pieces and move to the next cut. I keep a template on my Gypsy for window cards so all I need to do was add my title and place them in order. It took only 15 minutes while watching TV with my handsome hubby to design all three cards. when I woke up in the morning I already knew which paper I wanted and went to work.
This is the get well soon design ready to go, again 1 cut 2 cards.
Lay the paper on your mat and cut your cards. Now while they are cutting you need to be scoring the 1st cut and getting your paper on the mat for the next cut.
Scoring is easy with the score pal. And for advise on this card so that you do not bend the front place the back of the card side up, draw the bottoms together making sure the bottom edge is lined up perfectly and gently close this card the first time then use your bone folder to tighten the crease. I share this because even though you scored this card it wants to fold at the weakest point which is at the top cut, so take it slow and it will work perfectly.
The second cut is perfect too! I'm almost afraid to continue as it is going so well!
The 3 set of cards is the Pretty Peas... I just love this card and the title. Pretty Peas on the front and you can hand write so many things on the inside like Get Well Soon, Meet Me For Lunch Next Week or Have The Best Birthday Ever and so on and so on!
Paper ready, soon as the machine is free go for the third cut.
I inked the 2 pea pods and the sentiments paper for the inside of this card and while it was drying I put my supplies away.
Then I packaged up all the little pieces and had a huge card kit to do at work during my lunch. I figured this would keep me busy for the week... WRONG!
Look how easy this goes together just a little Zip Dry Glue and time.
Piece by piece I just kept on going. I used my Glue Glider Pro to glue down the sentiment sheets on the inside of the cards.
Isn't the paper beautiful on this card?
Here is a quick peek of the inside.
With only 4 pieces to a card it goes together in no time at all.
I didn't like how plain the card looked so I quickly added the stickles and that took 5 minutes for both cards. I had asked Pam for advise on this but before she got to me I stickled it. Pam would have me to ink the edges and you know I think her way would have been a lot prettier. Next time as mine is wet now.
You have to love this black and white/ green patterned paper from Kand Company it is 2 sided and just awesome. The pink and red multi color and the greed solid colored stock is Stampin Up from my friend Barb at Snowman Lovers Paperie. The green glittery paper is DCWV the Songbird Stack.
Here they are and in just 15 minutes and that is with taking photos! Mind you they are standing and drying but they are done.
Here is another shot of all six cards. I hope you enjoyed today's project. I sure had fun with this one as I challenged myself to finish as fast as possible and I am thrilled with 6 cards in an hour! Fifteen to design, thirty to cut and another 15 to put together!
Now to get you started with your own card stash this is my Get Well Soon Gypsy File or Get Well Soon DS File; Laugh Often Gypsy File or Laugh Often DS File and finally my favorite Pretty Peas Gypsy File or Pretty Peas DS File. All you need to do is pick your papers, download, cut and put together. Have Fun! 
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