July 26, 2010

Pretty In Pink Card Kit GiveAway

Isn't this just too cute? I designed this little cutie while I was on vacation and this card was made with the first cut. I was off by a 16th of an inch and corrected it for the give away. You get to peek at mine with all its little flaws. Again the card going out and the cut is perfect, I checked it before running this post! This is the first time I used flocking and won't be the last! I had so much fun with this card.
Look at the flocking and the shine on the letters.... Wow the photos just don't do this card justice.
This is the photo of the design before I adjusted it.... I moved the poodles to the lower right so that I didn't have to cut my 12x12 paper as I wanted less waste. I love using all my scraps for designs. Notice it is laid out on a 12x12, but if you don't have that mat size you can easily adjust to a 12x12 and still cut within 1 cut.
See how easily all the paper fits on the mat? 1 easy cut and I have two beautiful cards.
All you need to do is package it up like me and complete at a later time when you can actually sit down and create.
Now this is where I started having fun. I stopped at Michael's on my way to work and spoke with one of the sales gals there as I needed something that would give a furry effect yet I didn't want the person winning the card having to own or go out and buy a heat gun. So, this lovely young lady directed me to the Martha Stewart Flocking material. I purchased and carried it into work. I then realized I forgot to ask what adhesive should I use.... SO it's experiment time!

Don (one of my co-managers) walked in my office and found me trying to read the small print on the back of that bottle.... Didn't happen the print was way to small. Being inquisitive he asked, he tried to read and couldn't so he asked how I was going to put it on.... So I said I will test a few adhesives. The above were what I had in my desk so don stuck around and we started playing with the adhesives and the flocking. You know, thick, spread out, lumpy and flat and then sprinkled the flocking over the adhesives.

Remember we had no idea of how much of that to use either or how long it took to dry so we chatted for a little while and then sprinkled the residue on another sheet of paper.

From there we decided what gave the best effect. We decided on the Zig Pen and that is what I used. The part I liked was that it was blue until it dried and then it was clear so it was almost goof proof.

I used my handy Zip Dry Glue for this but will caution you to move really quick as I ripped a letter as I moved too slow and it started sticking to the paper I was using to protect the desk. You know because of the little tear I will have to do something with the letters. The winner will receive unaltered letters and he/she can do what ever they want with their kit to personalize.

Then I adhered the little poodle.

I then put to little rhinestones on for a collar and put Zig Dry all over the poodle.

While wet I sprinkled a generous amount of flocking on the poodle and left it to dry.

This is how it looked and my little tear was very obvious as it was right by the poodle so I decided to use glossy accents on all the letters for a high gloss effect.

I love the way it looks and it isn't even dry. Notice I placed a plain white sheet of paper in between the card so it wouldn't stain or drip on the sentiment area of the card.
Now isn't this a lovely card? It is dry now and you can see how nicely it turned out. The straight on shot doesn't show the shine but you can see the poodle has fur.
This is a side photo, look at those letters shine. Now don't you want to have a card just like this to send to someone special?
Well I sure hope you enjoyed this little project. Do leave a comment for a chance to get this cute little card kit mailed directly to your home. All you need to do is make a comment by Friday 8PM on 7/30/10 and watch for the announcement on Saturday morning by 6AM on 7/31/10. It's that easy! Everyone is a winner at Shes A Sassy Lady this is your Sassy Pretty In Pink Poodle Gypsy File and your Sassy Pretty In Pink Poodle DS File.
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So be sure to leave a comment and make sure I know how to reach you. I am always encouraged by your sweet - sweet words, they inspire me to keep scrapping and sharing things with you.
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