July 27, 2010

Just Kicking Back A Little Blog Candy To Give Away!!! A Complete Set Of Cri-Kits Gel Pens!

This is  a double post with two seperate projects using the Cri-Kits Gel pens. You see I made the card and loved these little pens so much I wanted to show you another project today! First we will make the card and I will follow up immediately with these beautiful antique looking tags so you can see how easy it is to make.
Thought I would try a little western this week! HeeHaw! This is an easy card to make and I learned a new technique using gel pens and the nifty holder for my Cricut.
Here are the items I will use for this card. Notice I am using the little gel pens and the holder by Cri-Kits.  This company asked me to test their pens and see what I could design with them. And let me tell you it was so much fun and you know me.... I even included my bloopers so you could learn from my mistakes!

Cri-Kits is not affiliated with Provocraft but the holder was designed to use in the Cricut machine. I want add a little disclosure here as it is my understanding Provocraft will not allow us to attach anything to the Cricut and still retain our warranty. So owning a Cricut and my Expression I used it on my little bug as the warranty has expired. My photos will show it on the Expression as I was demonstrating it from my kitchen and then went back and cut/wrote from my little bug. I would also say that when my warranty expires I would not hesitate to use this as it worked very well. But for now I will err toward the cautious side when it comes to my Expression.
These are nifty little pens, they write so easily you will love it.  Some lucky follower is going to win a set of pens complete with its holder! All you need to do is leave a comment at the end of this post to qualify. And keep watching as they gave me more than 1 set to give away!!! Yeah for Blog Candy
Let's get back to work, this is the design. Again, I make two cards at a time as I do not want to waste any paper and I can increase my supply a lot faster!
See this is how you would lay this out for you cut. I am giving directions as if you did this all on one machine.
The way it works is that the holder fits into the assembly just like the needle assembly. It has a magnet on the end and then every pen has a little piece of metal on the tip.
The little pens fit easily into the holder as as you put it in it just grabs and stays in position.
It is now ready to be placed in the same position as the blade housing.
Before you cut your item use the hide contour to remove all the little details. Then cut your piece but do not unload the mat.

Select the Return To Design. Go back to the design. Insert the pen holder where the blade housing goes. I left the outline on the boot as I wanted it to show. In the future I won't as it would be much easier than the glaring bloopers I got. First notice these are practice sheets below, and I suggest if you are a mechanical klutz like me practice a few times on taking that blade housing out and placing the pen holder in without moving the complete assembly. Take you time also and do it right, I was in a hurry and boy what a mess I made!

First cut, I moved the entire housing while balancing the phone and screwing the assembly in. I moved it a good 1/8 of an inch but was impressed with how well the pens worked. I wrote with blade set on 6 pressure on 3.
The second time I was good except I wrote first then cut but forgot to change my pressure back up to 5 with a card stock, and I was a hair off.
This is the cut I kept. I decided that I wasn't going to do the outline as that is really difficult and because the line is a pen marking it wasn't really accomplishing much of an outline. The reason I wanted the pen was for the detail in the boot and that is PERFECT! So I am a happy camper with my cut/write and went on to complete my card.
I used my Score Pal and let me remind you that when you are scoring cards of these type draw you back to the front so that you do not weaken the front any further.
I glued on the boot, and then the letters.
Placed paper in the inside to write sentiments on.
And then I used one of the gel pens to place little black dots on the letters for more definition. I think it turned out pretty cute and am thrilled with my Cri-Kits and can see the unlimited potential for creating.

On to te second project. Aren't these tags beautiful? I needed a tag for a gift and thought I would try my new Cri-Kit Gel Pens again and boy and I glad I did. These are so unique and so easy to make, you will just have to try it yourself! I got my new Summer In Paris cart and fell in love with the bike. It has so much detail I just couldn't imagine getting a clean cut each and every time so this was the PERFECT SOLUTION.

First I designed the tag on my Gypsy.
Then I added a page and place my cuts on the tags where I wanted them. Notice some of the items are tips and off the tag just like I want them is how I place them.
Then I added the phrases I wanted to cut on another page.
Now look how easy it is to put the pen together.... see the magnet on the tip, just inset the pen in the casing and viola' it is together. Just place in you blade assembly in the Cricut just like the blade.
See you can shake it and it doesn't come out! So easy... oh don't forget to place a little scrap paper under the pen so you won't make any marks on your paper.
I placed it on my Expression this time and it worked so smooth I just love my new Cri-Kits Gel pens!
Now I did experiment with the pressure. Three of my tags the pressure was set on two and on the other three, the pressure is set at three and you can see the difference. I liked both but have a better idea of which way to set depending on the look I am trying to achieve.
See how I place the paper, thats all you need to do to prevent marking the paper. Click RETURN TO DESIGN. Change out to the blade without removing the paper. Then cut your tag.
Don't forget the name Cri-Kits as you will definately want a set for yourself to create with.
The one on the left is pressure setting of 3, on the right 2. You can see how both are effective depending on your use.
I then tried inking for the first time and know that I will just get better at this with time. Thanks of Elizabeth at 217 Creations I need more ink supplies; my friend the enabler! I am a slow learner Elizabeth so be patient!
Now don't these look cool? I love my Cri-Kits Gel Pens! They have opened a new world of crafting!
I then placed gromets in each tag.
Added my ribbon and I was done!!! That easy. Don't you just love these tags?
Do leave a comment for your chance to win a complete set of Cri-Kits Gel Pens and Holder (includes Holder, Regular and Neon, Metallic, Glitter, Pastel and Swirl Pens). All you need to do is make a comment by Saturday 8PM on 7/31/10 and watch for the announcement on Sunday morning by 8AM on 8/1/10. It's that easy! Everyone is a winner at Shes A Sassy Lady this is your Sassy Kickin Back Gypsy File and your Sassy Kickin Back DS File.
Now be sure to leave a comment and make sure I know how to reach you.
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