July 1, 2010

Note Cards Make A Great Little Gift To Others, As Well As Yourself!

As you know every week I send out a Card Kit to some lucky reader and with it I send a little note. Well I have scads and scads of before cricut cards that are just card stock, colored paper and a ribbon that I did years ago. As I was to design something with the Sentimentals cart for Tuesday Treats for July 6th, I thought I would do note cards, and this was going to be it. You know they are cute but, it's not my blog and you know the Pink Stamper and Tammy and all the big names have designed on Tuesday Treats so I thought I better go back to the drawing board. Don't get me wrong these are cute, and I will use them but I want something really Sassy! Shhhh, don't tell Pam, but I don't know if I can do something with Sentimentals and be Sassy! So I will share my note cards on my blog! Shhh.
This is how I laid it out on the mat. Notice the upper left hand corner, I wanted a contrast but wanted to keep the scallop edge so I duplicated the notes made them about 1/4 inch smaller and ran them off the mat so I wouldn't waste paper.
This is how I laid it out on the mat. Notice on the right the writing on the paper matches the direction of the envelope.
I trimmed that little excess off the top of the contrasting color.
Then I grouped all the pieces together and bagged them up to make on my lunch hour. I did soooo many projects this week I needed to put them together on make them on the run.
I made sure that I had all my supplies and proceeded to put the little cards together.
I stickled the little flower, and felt it needed more so I then stickled Sassy and the scallop.
I also stickled the scallop on the envelope so they matched. Now it has some Sass!
And for a wonderful little gift just tie them all together with coordinating ribbon.
Well that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this quick little project as it works so well for little gifts too. Do remember to keep note cards for yourself on hand. Then you are ready to make someone feel special with just a little note from you!
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