July 24, 2010

Circle Paper Produces Christmas In July Ornaments

Now isn't this fun! I just love this color of green and it makes the perfect Christmas ornaments, doesn't it? And so easy to do, you will love this little project.
I joined the Cricut Circle and finally received my package.... it was sent to the wrong address. And I just loved the packing and decided to do something fun with it. So.....
I went to Hobby Lobby and used the 40% off coupon making my large glass ball ornaments only $3!
I gently pulled off the lids.
And filled the glass balls right in my office at work!! I didn't want to make a mess so I did everything right out of the box my goodies came in.
You see it is always slow on Saturday mornings at car dealers for finance managers... Just a quick note the fastest time to get out of the finance department at a car dealership is on Saturday morning and the WORST time is late in the day. You could be in line waiting to sign papers for hours.
I used a little highlighter to gently pushed the crumpled paper into the ball. 

See how they are filled but I still had plenty so I kept stuffing.
I left to go and a lot of paper left over.
I learned to grab a bunch of paper with the one had and then stuff with the highlighter, at first I gently pushed a little at a time in.
All of them are packed pretty tightly with the green packing paper in the CRICUT colored paper.
I tied green ribbon that I had purchased on sale for $1 at the beginning of summer. That means these lovely ornaments cost me only $1 a piece and they have sentimental Circle value! Don't they look great? This fun little project took just over a half an hour to do. Amazing how pretty they are!
This is all 4 packed up and ready to go home.... Sorry no fancy photos my office is kind of plain and work worthy. I do hope you enjoyed todays little project, I sure had fun doing this!
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