January 4, 2011


Chicago Snow
Hello everyone, this is Sheila from Shes A Sassy Lady and I just love when I get the opportunity to come and visit and share with all you Tuesday Treat ladies. I always find it a challenge as there are so many talented ladies that share their designs here!
Well here goes... last month we went to Chicago to visit my daughter and of course it snowed in. Being fairly new to the south we took plenty of photos as our new southern friends just don't realize what real snow does and what the folks up north do to get rid of it. A prime example is shoveling.... if it snows in Alabama, you just leave it and as soon as the sun comes out it disappears, so maybe it lasts a couple of hours. Not so up north, as many of you can attest to so we took photos of the tasks that we what to remember so we never get the urge to go back up there!!!! (Sorry Heather). This is my brother in law Greg busy at hand shoveling the walk before church!

And the plow we saw while driving to Heather's house and it was just so amazing as the whole area was so peaceful and serene just like you read about and see in movies... then out of no where one of these huge plows appear just pushing ans scraping the snow away and making so much noise it actually hurts your ears.... Yup that's what my pages are about... the beauty and the beast of a Chicago Snow!

I hope you enjoy this video, I will show you how I took a layout I did and altered it to fit the photos at hand. I went from floral to frosty, to a blistery wind. Hope you learn a few Gypsy tricks.

This is the yummy paper I chose, it is from My Big Ideas 2009 Christmas papers; I was so excited that I finally go to use this stack.

This second video is actually the third I did but you will find a big mistake in the next video and this one goes over what I did wrong so you don't make the same mistake I did. I am a firm believer that we need to learn from our mistakes! And I am not afraid to share that lesson with you.

This is the white paper I used from the DCWV Glitter stack, I set my blade at 6, pressure high, and speed slow and cut it 2 times.

This is a good video but does show you what I did wrong and also show you how to alter a design.
Before I glue down any of my pieces I really like to just position them and take a good look just in case I need to make an alteration. Sure is easier to do now before gluing.
I used my I rock to attach a little stone to each snowflake. They are so pretty.

Doesn't that look pretty? Those swirls just really remind me of those Chicago winds!
Here is a closeup of the paper and you can see just how beautiful and shimmery it actually is... just like snow.
Isn't this paper Gorgeous?

Here is the right side of the two page spread.
And the two pages together make for a wonderful  keepsake in our scrapbook. Thank you so much for joining me today. Here is a copy of Chicago Snow Gypsy File just for you enjoy.... ps I put the flowers back on so you could use them too. I hope you picked up something new that you can use while making your designs.
Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement, your comments continue to inspire me to share with your.
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