January 3, 2011

Top 10 in 2010

Hi and Happy 2011!!!  I am Lori Apgar from ScrappinMyStressAway and I am so excited to be Sassy today!!  I created this layout to highlight my Top 10 events from 2010.

I started out by putting a rectangle on my mat from George and unlinking the Aspect Ratio Link (the chain between the Width and Height on the Basic Menu). I changed the Width to 0.62 and the Height to 12.00. I copied it and moved each rectangle to either sides of the mat. I copied another rectangle and rotated it 90 degrees. I copied one more and moved one to the top of the mat and the other to the bottom of the mat.

I made another copy and positioned it at X5.74 Y-3.16 to create a border on the bottom of my layout. I grouped and welded the 5 rectangles. ***At this point I save my project as lo.frame.3(I have two similar versions saved already). The next time I want to make a similar layout, I have the basics ready to go.

I used the "ten" border on Graphically Speaking and stretched it to 11.25w x 2.25h. I moved it into the border space and welded it. ***Copy and paste onto Layer 2 so you have a page 2.

Go back to Layer 1 and add the words "Top 10" from Varsity Letter at 1.29w x 1.77h. Move them up into the rectangle a bit and weld.
On Layer 2, repeat with the words "In 2010".

I opened up Layer 3 and took the blackout shadow of a basic tag shape from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More and sized it to 2.55w x 3.92h. I made 9 copies.
On Layer 4, I added the numbers from Designer Calendar at 1.11w x 1.07h.

I opened a Layer 5 with some words that I highlighted on my tags. I did this later, after I listed my top ten! I used Songbird for my font as it welds no nicely! Each word is a different size so that it fit the tag once welded.

***When you are finished cutting your project, use the SAVE AS option so you still have your basic layout saved. You will need to change your file name a bit (ie lo.frame.3.top10).
I cut out my pages in maroon card stock.

I glued them down to a blue dotted paper.

I cut out the tags in a ivory card stock.

I used my scraps to cut out the numbers.

I inked the tags with my Vintage Photo distress ink.

I used ribbon to create a banner of tags.  I used buttons and staples on the tags.

Here is a sample of my journaling with my key words. Note the dot on my i ~ I always lose them in my Xyron so I improvised. I also had a couple of mistakes in my journaling, but I just wrote right over them because that is how I normally write.

Here is the "10" border from Graphically Speaking up close.

It is kind of hard to see in this photo, but I used faux stitching around the letters and numbers so they stand out a bit.
And here is another look at the two pages together. This layout took me about 4 days to complete ~ I worked it in between work and other projects. I had to walk away several times and come back and almost gave up....glad I stuck it out!!!

Thanks Sheila for having me on your blog today!!
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