January 2, 2011

We Have A Blog Candy Winner

This was the most interesting post I have done since I started blogging. Each of us bared and challenged ourselves to being a better person in some way in 2011. I hope that each and everyone of you that posted will succeed in reaching you goal. With that said we have a winner....

Denine said...

I have a few goals this year. I had none last year - I didn't want to disappoint myself. :)~
So this year the list is long but very achievable with the right attitude and supportive friends like YOU!!
I plan to lose a total of 30+ pounds this year, 15 by Mid March.. yikes that sounds hard but I have it all planned out. :0) 1st off by getting more active on Sparks People again, they actually have some Craft teams, so excited about that.
My second goal that I will publish is to MAKE AND POST 3 projects a week. I am challenging myself to more than that, but This WILL be my minimum. As I know some weeks will be more hectic than others.
Most of all, I want to LEARN MORE this year!! So I will be spending more time working on developing myself both intellectually and creatively.
I feel like I have learned so much this past year but I have so much more learning to do! Do we ever really stop learning? Anyhow, I think I have taken enough space here.. :)
Big Hugs to you Sheila for the wonderful opportunity to help us all be more SUCCESSFUL!!!
Happy New Year!!

Please email me at shesasassylady@hotmail.com with your complete name and address so that I can mail this wonderful gift out to you! You have 1 week to claim your prize.
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