January 7, 2011

Love keeps growing...

Hey Ya'll,
I am so excited to show off on "She's a Sassy Lady", even though today, I am a "Sassy Dude".  This is something that I designed for my wife and was planning on it for a scrapbook page, but it's turned out much more elaborate and 3D than I originally expected, so it will go in a shadowbox.  I sure hope you like it.
This was actually surprisingly simple to do with the Gypsy.  Love that girl!  First of all, there are a few different things that I used for this project.  I used Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art, Cindy Loo, Lacy Labels (Lite), Preserves, Sweethearts and Wall Decor and More from my Cricut Cartridges.  The paper is from a really great stack called Cotton Bloom by DCWV.
This was one of the pleasant surprises hitting the Thanksgiving Day sale at Michaels.  With coupons and rewards members specials that day, we picked up 30 stacks like this for $5.00 each.  This particular one is going to be gone soon as it has fantastic colors!  Ok... To the project.  I used a blue patterned 12x12 card from this stack for the background.  I got to working with the Gypsy and created the following.  You can download the Gypsy file here!!!
The decorative corners and lattice designs come from Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art.  I really love this cartridge specifically because of the amazing borders it has.  I simply laid out where I wanted the design to go and welded it all together.  This entire layer was cut from bright white textured cardstock and this is the most visible part of the layout.
For the next layer, I used the shadow feature of the lattice and then made the corner labels a little bit larger, making sure not to go off of the mat with the overall design.  This also includes the word Love from Sweethearts.  This is also the shadow feature for the word.  This was printed from a dark pink paper selected from this stack as well.
 When cut, you can see that the layers are very complimentary.
I used 1/8" 3D adhesive squares on the back of the white lattice.  If you are going to use this for a scrapbook, you can skip the 3D if you want it to fit in the page.  As I mentioned before, this will end up in a shadowbox because it ended up way too thick for a book. 
 This is how it looks when you get the two pieces together.  Note... Give yourself some time with this one.  It takes the good ole expression a while to cut out all of these diamond shapes.  Hee! Hee!
I then added it to the blue background.
  The next screen was cut from a lime colored glittered page from this stack.  The vines are from Wall Decor and More and the flourishes are from Cindy Loo.
 This next layer was cut from a lighter pink patterned and glittered paper.  The hearts are from Lacy Labels and the Love is the main phrase feature from Sweethearts.  The shadow is from the dark pink paper previously shown.
 For this layer, on the left is the green frame and on the right is the white.  On the bottom, the additional frames were cut from additional light pink patterened paper.
These can be reshaped and resized to fit whatever pictures you are using.  I created these based on the size of the pictures I had for this project.
These are how I assembled the extra pieces.  The love was glued flat, but I added 3D adhesive to it under the dark pink later.  The larger picture frame was popped out using double 3D and then single 3D on the smaller two pictures.
 Once you have everything large in the places you want, simply grab some paper glue and start playing with the vines and the hearts to make it look like a garden in bloom!
Overall, it came together very quickly and Jill was really pleased with the way it turned out.  Now we just have to find the perfect shadow box to put it in.
I sure hope you enjoyed this project today and hope you will check out our other creations at Cricut Couple.
Thanks so much Sheila for the invitation!  It's such a thrill to get to work with you again!!!
Most Sincerely,  Bobby & Jill - aka - The Cricut Couple.

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