January 15, 2011

GYPSY MADE SIMPLE - Making Envelopes

Sometime a card just needs a little more to it, like a matching envelope!! Gypsy Made Simple focuses in on just that today... Envelopes. They are so simple and there are so many carts that offer them you just need to know how to adjust for the card you made. Simple.

Hope you enjoy today's video.... be sure you have your coffee and are ready to go with your Gypsy turned on. You will need any program that has envelopes on it.
And you discovered in the video your card sizes don't have to be the traditional ones.... the card above is a 4x4 inch card from Wild Card and has this adorable little matching envelope.
Here is the layout of the design, but I have to admit after I layered the paper on the mat I decided to add a few more flowers so that I could layer them on the card. I just love the way it turned out. I also played with the size of the flower so it would fit on the envelope. They did provide a cut for the little flower but I didn't like the way it looked so I didn't use it and made my own.

Before assembling I did use my score pal for all the folds. I did remove the score marks before cutting as once again I don't like the way they look on the final project so I do remove whenever possible.

After scoring all my cards and envelopes I placed each in an individual bag so I had little kits that I could put together when I had the time. My schedule has been extremely hectic as of late so I bagged and them placed them in my bag for work in hopes that I would have some free time to finish.

This envelope is just too cute. I only wished that I was home when I put this together as I really would have had fun with my ink. Forgive me Elizabeth but I can fit everything in my bag and the project was for envelopes not inking. Notice I had made two extra cuts for the little flower and love how that and the lining looks on the finished envelope.
The little crystal stickers just add the perfect touch to these flowers and I picked them up on clearance at Hobby Lobby about a year ago.
Isn't this pretty? I just love this little card set and I know this is a card I will be making over and over as it is just the right size to place in a gift or for a little note. Don't you just love how cute they are together?
And here is another little card set that I did. It is a 5x5 and make a great little note set and is from Walk In The Garden I do believe (I have to start writing theses things down). Notice the edge of the card and the edge of the envelope match. Envelopes really can make the card set so much nicer.
I remember getting a thank you card from Bobby & Jill the Cricut Couple and I was so excited as the envelope was hand made too! Hubby thought I was nut when I kept saying "look at this, look how pretty Jim" and it was all because the card and the envelope matched. The cool thing is that I have discovered that it is not that difficult and it looks GORGEOUS!
Look at this beautiful set the envelope, phrase and bugs shell is all from the same paper and I love the look... so rich looking. And you really don't see envelope in the store with these gorgeous cuts either. So take a few extra minutes and turn that special card into something really special.
Isn't this just too cute? I sure hope you like today's projects along with that cherry danish!!!
Join in for today's project is to make a card set. Any card as long as you have added a matching envelope. The envelope can be plain like the one above or you may want to add cuts to it like my little flower set. the choice is yours. Now take a photo and link it up to my blog so we can see what you learned today. Hopefully we can see all kinds of card sets as this is a really basic project that we all need to know how to do. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. Your comments always inspire me to continue sharing with you and your linked projects thrill me beyond belief. Have a great week
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