January 30, 2011

Your Cricut Blade and Housing Needs To Be Cleaned Regularly

Ladies have you ever seen this on your paper while cutting? If you do, you have a problem and you need to stop your machine and clean your blade housing. Some papers just have a lot of texture to them and they fray so easily. The problem comes in as your blade and blade housing seems to collect this mess. Then of course your machine performance dwindles away or just stops completely.
Take a close look at all the fibres that are accumulating on my blade housing. If that happens, it is time to clean.
Look at my poor blade.... really it is in there. All you need to do is touch the top of the housing and your blade will push out.
See it will look like this. Isn't that amazing, When the housing fills with debris like the the performance of our Cricut is non existent. Take the blade out, clean it off and don't for get to blow in the housing to get all the debris and loose fibre out.
This is all of the junk that came off and out of my blade housing. Amazing isn't it? I only wish that I had thought to do this on a white sheet of paper so you would have a better idea of what collects inside that housing and on the blade. Mind you this is from 1 sheet of thick paper. It took me 10 cuts to get through this but I didn't think to check the blade until the 6th cut. After that I seemed to make fast progress.
Do take the time to check your machines from time to time as some papers just seem to create a mess and add a lot of dust. All that dust collects and creates problems when cutting.
Thanks for spending time with us today. I hoped I helped you a little and your creating goes a little easier! Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement. Your comments continue to inspire me.
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